A facet of the nation is blindfolded shouting all for one and one for all for Roberta Metsola

The masses have a tendency to wear a blindfold and side with one agenda and completely oppose another, but both are agendas of the same casket. They are still blinded to what is truly going on because they have either scrapped the surface or else they don’t even know that there is a surface which they need to scrap with a hand scraper, metaphorically speaking.

And then you get political fanaticism which is dangerous, stupid even. Speaking when it comes to our local scene, both Labour fanaticism and nationalist fanaticism are dangerous for democracy. It won’t take the country anywhere except having people choosing which parts to see while twisting the rest. Labourite and nationalist fanatics are not able to see beyond the shadows and lies of their political heroes and parties, and if they are warned they will be those to laugh and call you a conspiracy theorist because their instincts have been rendered useless, unlike the scenario where you have a wild animal in the wilderness calling out a warning to the rest of the pack which do not question his motive but follow him because their instincts are still in tact. When you are a fanatic, your instincts are gone because you have sold them to your party or to your political hero.

Both pn and pl are brainwashing arch lectors.

And then we have Roberta Metsola and her followers. And then you go on the comments of the articles of Lovin Malta and Times of Malta and you realise that the masses are still asleep and writing non-sense because they are not doing any research while resorting to the usual ‘She makes us nationalists proud’ with the labourites responding back with their fanaticism. There is no cure for this country in a slumber.

The comments show that Malta’s insanity lie in the inability of the masses to distinguish between their delusions and reality. They are all one for all and all for one for Roberta Metsola, who has made it in the Time’s “list of 100 emerging global leaders” and “rising stars.”

According to the Times of Malta “an expansion of the Time100 list, Time100 Next highlights people making an impact in their various fields, ranging from politics to art to business.” Can I ask what impact is Metsola making on politics? Did she do it by being so enormously humble and throwing an Elitist party at our Manoel Theatre? Did she do it by informing us that the corrupt EU of which she is president has approved climate legislation, which will enslave the Maltese in a climate cult, as I have reported in another blog? Did she do it by pursuing a foreign policy dictated to her by Macron and Ursula von der Leyen of the corrupt Pfizer deal and ties? Did she inform the Maltese nation what was the EU ordered during the WEF meeting at Davos last January, to which she attended? Did she do it by informing the Maltese nation that the EU parliament now exists solely to promote left-wing politics, about which Metsola seems happy and content? Did she do it by not pronouncing herself against the anti-Christian artwork which was allowed to be exhibited in the European Parliament Building? No wonder that Metsola is reported stating that she hopes that her name being on the list, “serves to continue to put the European Parliament on the world map and help in getting the message of Europe across.” Which message? The leftist message? The message that pleases the agenda of the puppeteers? The climate change haux message? The one of corruption, like the Qatar Gate?

What an irony and what a laugh I had on reading what von der Leyen said about Metsola: that Metsola had worked ‘tirelessly’ to make European institutions better and more transparent. Transparency? Is this a joke?

Ursula von der Leyen added that “Metsola’s efforts have made it clear that ‘politicians have to be role models’ and that whenever she travels, she repeats the ‘powerful’ message to ‘get involved, do not ever give in to cynicism’ and ‘you can be the engine of change.’

This is the prank of the year. Clearly, we are surrounded by puppets who call themselves politicians but in truth, they are just puppets, owned by establishment assets tasked with deceiving the public. They are actors and manipulators reading from whatever cynical scripts their paymasters hand them while they give in to cynism in order to socially engineer the public and manipulate the desired outcome so that yes, they be the engine of change that the paymasters want – an evil change where humanity is more enslaved and where humanity’s freedom is endangered.

Dear Roberta Metsola, I will not glamorise you with a romantic aura.

Dear masses, you need to wake up to the enemies who are digging a ditch for you, instead of remaining victims of cultural conditioning. Elevate your mind from the horrendous mind block you have. Stop being too distracted to notice that you are hailing the wrong heroes who you have decided to turn into heroes.

Everything is so bonkers and I am still amazed as to how the masses can still play along with the matrix when I had thought and hoped that the Covid mess was going to peel their eyelids open but I was mistaken.

Thankfully, you find that one every one million who can filter:

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