About Marica

Marica lives in the beautiful, small island of Malta. She is a truth and spiritual warrior, which has put her on a difficult path which is neither artificially blissful nor a pretense of fakeness.

She is not afraid of losing popularity when she speaks Truth, which requires her not to beat around the bush. Instead, she embraces directness, an essential tool when the journey entails a search for Truth in all its forms. Thus, she makes no compromises when it comes to being concerned with speaking Truth, even that look for the Truth within herself in the quest to get to know herself better.

Her honesty is a way to liberate humanity. She has no regard for vested interests that cause suffering.

Her past traumas are fundamental to who she is and are at the heart of the seeds of her individuality, femininity, and strength which she embraces for her individual transformation, to also bring along the transformation of the collective. She uses the tremendous suffering she endured since a child as a door-opener to awakening, to wisdom and to a grounded, spiritual, human experience. Being herself is what gets her to be where she is today.


Marica has always loved writing. So far she has written various poems and a book with short stories. She also created her own, mini, solo creative project. Neither of these have been published yet because she has so far left them in draft on a notebook which she is always carrying with her so that she scribbles whatever flows to her spirit, mind and soul whenever Inspiration embraces her.

It was on 23rd November 2020 when her first blog was published on the site of Professor Simon Mercieca, the site owner of simonmercieca.com, after he made her the kind offer to contribute to his site. This came after she appeared on his programme on Xejk TV by Dun Gwann Farrugia, called “Simon Mercieca Jiddiskuti” when her father was put on the brink of death during Covid-19 thanks to the Covid-19 protocol. It was a long three-month fight during which she fought, with faith and resilience, while assisted by her brother, to bring out her father alive.  It was then in June 2023 when Marica decided to take the leap of faith and start this website.

Other Talents

Marica was a long distance runner and she also practised triathlon for two years. She was honoured to represent Malta in the GSSE games in Cyprus and in the Master Mountain European Championships in Slovenia. She also grabbed top three places in local races: 3rd in the 2006 Malta International Challenge; 3rd in the 2007 BMW Malta Marathon; 2nd in the 2011 Malta Duathlon Championships; 3rd in the 2017 Lisa Memorial Dingli; 2nd in the 2017 10k race of Athleta Pembroke Club; 1st over 40 in the 2017 Malta Mountain Running Championships; and 2nd in the 2017 Gozo Half Marathon.

She also placed 25th female in the 2018 Pisa Half Marathon, and 110th female in the 2011 Maratona Dles Dolomites out of 2000 females.

She is also a bookworm and is very fond of drama, music and historical places. She likes cultural visits and going to the theatre. Her favourite playwright is William Shakespeare. She is currently pursuing playing the violin after she was encouraged by a music teacher who overheard her playing a Christmas song with the horn without having ever taken any lessons and without having any music notes in front of her.

She also used to practise Bollywood dancing as another way to flow with the expression of creativity.


In 2007, Marica successfully completed the Life Cycle Challenge in aid of patients suffering from renal failure.

Besides volunteering at local animal sanctuaries, she saved, and fed stray dogs and cats.  Between 2012 and 2014 she organised car washes in aid of some Maltese foundations.

Spirituality through Faith in Christ

Marica was born and raised Catholic. During her late twenties, she experienced loss of faith. She then shifted from agnosticism to atheism to Hinduism to Buddhism to paganism and to occultism. She was also led unaware into the New Age Religion of the New Age Movement. Little did she know that she was practising Deism until she found herself feeling mentally,  emotionally, and spiritually caged in a dark pit of pseudo-positivity and pseudo-spiritual practices. 

Yet, all throughout, she craved getting to know our Lord the Saviour Jesus Christ. During this long, spiritual, winding journey, Marica was born again and, in this rebirth, she returned to Christ, our true Saviour, meaning she renewed her relationship with Christ.

Her daily prayer is twofold: “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me” and “I am daughter of the King, who is not moved by the world. For my God is with me and goes before me. I do not fear, because I am His.”


The pseudo-pandemic Covid-19 was only the start of the start of the greatest crime and psychological operation against humanity. Deceit is so ingrained, that one can be easily and subtly deceived throughout all the phases of this operation. We are going and we will go through various stages during this scripted play. We will see lawlessness increasing and the love of many will grow cold. We will go through times of difficulty.

Thus, this site has two main goals. The first is to stay on a continuous, spiritual quest for the Truth so to assist humanity in filtering through the deceit. The second is to create a Truth movement through Christ. It will, throughout, root for humanity and all God’s creation.

We will be hated for Christ’s sake. But only those who endure to the end will be saved.

I thank you for supporting this site.

God bless you, while we come alive while we deepen and rise to a higher state of consciousness, through Christ.

Marica Micallef