Roberta Metsola, your MEPs and your local media are failing to tell you that the European Parliament gave its final blessing to key pieces of legislation that form the backbone of the EU’s climate policy package.

Our Roberta Metsola has no scruples to throw an elitist party at our beautiful unique Manoel Theatre but then fails to inform us that the corrupt EU of which she is president has approved climate legislation. It must have also been erased from the memory of our MEPs.

Our local media has also turned silent instead of informing the Maltese nation how it will be screwed and enslaved with this climate cult. But Politico reported that: “The European Parliament on Tuesday gave its final blessing to key pieces of legislation that form the backbone of the EU’s flagship climate policy package — putting them one step closer to becoming law.

Two years of fraught negotiations between the Parliament the Council of the EU and the European Commission culminatedlast year in a compromise deal on plans to revise the bloc’s carbon market  set up a carbon tax and create a Social Climate Fundto compensate vulnerable consumers.
The files are a key part of the EU’s so-called Fit for 55 package which was designed to help the bloc cut greenhouse-gas emissions 55 percent by 2030 against a 1990 baseline.

The revision of the EU’s carbon market known as the Emissions Trading System includes fully integrating aviation into the mechanism and extending it to cover shipping emissions. It also compels power generators and heavy polluters to curb their pollution by 62 percent by 2030.
The deal also establishes a parallel carbon market to cover fossil fuels used to power cars and heat buildings from 2027 — a hugely contentious issue amid fears that the policy will have a disproportionate effect on vulnerable households potentially sparking political backlash.

To avoid such a scenario legislators also backed a €86.7 billion Social Climate Fund to help governments soften the blow of higher prices for vulnerable consumers. The fund will be made available from 2026.

The deal also puts the EU on track to establish the world’s first carbon border tax known as the Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism in a bid to avoid EU companies being undercut by regimes with less stringent green policies.

Now that the files have been approved by the Parliament the deal needs to be formally ratified by the Council before it can come into force.”
What’s next now is that the deal needs to be formally ratified by the Council of the EU. Before it has a chance to take hold we must stop the climate totalitarianism that the World Economic Forum has recommended.

Do you remember voting for this? I would like to know how our MEPs voted. Here is Romanian MEP Cristian Terhes during the debate on IPCC report on climate change rightly stating:

“When the IPCC is using hysterical spoiled people like Greta Thunberg whose place should be in school not on tweets to promote these reports clearly we are dealing with a belief system and cult rather than a scientifically based organisation. Carbon dioxide is a gas that currently represents 0.04% of the whole atmosphere. Despite this small percent for decades now campaigns are made to make people believe that man-made CO2 is the cause of the climate change. The solution proposed to fight climate change are higher taxes and more state control as well as less rights and options for the people. Emissions must have a price that changes our behaviour. This is what Ursula von der Leyen said in this plenary in 2019. All the leaders’ declared objective is to change our behaviour through higher taxes and prices. Our fighting climate change is just a pretext to do it. People deserve a better future. We clearly cannot achieve that by passing laws that are making them poorer while a small elite is getting richer by selling and forcibly selling their products and services that they do not need or want but are allegedly saving the planet.”

Why is it that we do not have any of our MEPs on record doing such speeches?

Dear Maltese people what your local media and your MEPs and Metsola are failing to tell you is that you will be fined like the Londoners for driving cars that don’t meet arbitrary “minimum emissions standards” known as the “Ultra Low Emissions Zone” another step toward living in 15-minute cities and being unable to afford to own a car due to ridiculous “Net Zero” policies to address a fictitious “climate crisis.” It means that you can bid farewell to travelling while on vacation if the Net Zero cult has its way. Most airports will be shut down by 2030 and the new peasant class won’t be able to afford flying because it will cost too many carbon credits. Airports will be completely closed by 2049 (at least to the lower classes). You won’t be leaving your prison cell er I mean “eco-pod ” for any other location than the “metaverse ” where you’ll be spending your “holiday.” Additionally don’t anticipate taking any domestic vacations. An expensive electric car won’t be within your price range. Even if you could it will be set to shut down if you attempt to leave your “smart city ” er “15 minute pris.”

Don’t you find it concerning that these globalist sociopaths are meticulously plotting your future without even bothering to get your permission or consent? What is the lesson of this nightmare? These globalist Net Zero maniacs must be stopped at all costs if you want to keep your freedom to travel wherever you please and leave a world for your children that is actually worth living in.

If the scamdemic has taught us anything it is that their dystopian plans can only be realized if mass numbers of people simply submit to their will. If enough people grind the wheels of the system to a halt until freedom is restored the entire endeavor is doomed (see the protests by Canadian truckers Dutch farmers and French pension reformers).

Be ready to fight back with all of your might and gather as many supporters for the cause as you can. Freedom is valuable. It will be extremely difficult to ever get it back if we allow it to be taken away.

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