Why should nations study and get knowledgeable about freemasons and freemasonry

For some sceptics and naysayers it is not worth writing about freemasons and freemasonry because they doubt that you have a large group of powerful individuals teaming up to gain some advantage.

For these sceptic and naysayers secret clubs which have secretive agendas just team up to enjoy some high tea and biskuttelli. They think that they are just middle-ages stuff. In this case I humbly advise you to carefully read books which took decades to be written from serious renowned authors and examine the evidence they bring to you with open-mindedness and objectivity. Or better still talk to ex-freemasons but make sure that they are not the average ones who barely understand little of their own order.

And for the same sceptics and naysayers who think that they can dictate to this site what blogs it should publish which for them should only be about our politicians and political scene then I advise that you act on your big mental and spiritual blockage which is not allowing you to comprehend that “the world is a contest for our souls. The people who are pushing products violence and sex are not operating on a random ‘whatever sells’ basis. They have Masonic symbols in their logos. The top players are following an occult script designed to enslave us body and soul. They are building a gigantic prison based on their own mental hell. This is the New World Order; we are the inmates” (Henry Makow).

Knowledge is power and power is knowledge. To be a free thinker means to allow ANYTHING you have been taught to be questioned by reading and studying matters which contradict that knowledge taught.

Now we are way beyond fighting politicians and corruption. We are fighting Satanic forces and these include the Masonic lodges. I repeat what I had written in two separate blogs:

Our politicians are being run by “an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country” (American theorist Edward L. Barnays) and “When the Masonic infiltration is complete at every tier of society they will strike back and murder and murder and evil doing is done with impunity in broad daylight and goes unpunished.” We are at this stage.

If for you this is a satanic conspiracy then note that such conspiracies succeed only because people like yourselves cannot believe something so colossal and monstrous truly exist. The freemasons are everywhere and you can find them in history books. So stories about them are not just theories that have erupted in these last three years. The thing is that they are cleverly disguised. For example  if you have observed clearly the Grand master of the Grand Lodge of Malta wore the Maltese cross:

And if you think that all this is fake please note that courageous men were murdered for exposing the masonic secrets. Captain William Morgan was kidnapped ritually murdered and dumped in a lake after he published a book unmasking the masonic secrets. Danny Casolaro had his wrists cut and left to bleed to death in a hotel room where he had gone to meet a confidential source. Paul Wilcher was found nude and dead while he sat on his toilet only days after he mailed his expose manuscript to U.S. Attorney-General Janet Reno and finally believe it or not the world-famous classical composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart paid the ultimate penalty of arsenic poisoning that killed him after he had revealed some secrets of freemasonry. Friends were so afraid that no one attended his funeral except his dog.

If on the other hand you believe that politicians have your interests at heart with the exception of the few deviants then you have been gulled and live in the midst of a nation of wannabe happy faces.

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