Neither Newsbook nor Archbishop Scicluna have condemned the latest anti-Christian artwork exhibited in the European Parliament building

A four-day exhibition in a restricted area of the European Parliament building which was concluded on Friday 5th May depicted the controversial anti-Christian artwork of anti-Christian Swedish and lesbian godless activist Elisabeth Ohlson.

According to Evangelical Focus“Ohlson’s photographs were presented in the European Parliament with the support of Malin Björk a parliamentarian from the Leftist Party of Sweden who praised the exhibition for demonstrating societal progress regarding “LGBT rights” over the past 25 years.”
Please note that this exhibition was already presented to the European Parliament in the 2000s but which was refused access as it was deemed offensive. So what has changed now? Once offensive always offensive.

This mockery of Christ Christianity and Christians was displayed and allowed even though “The Times (U.K.) notedthat European Parliament rules state that ‘cultural events and exhibitions shall not in any way undermine the dignity of parliament … be offensive or of an inflammatory nature … or likely to give rise to disturbances in the designated exhibition areas.’”

Yet this exhibition did create disturbances not only amongst Christians and Catholics but also among a FEW members of the European Parliament who deemed it as disrespectful and blasphemous. Please note that none amongst our Maltese members of the European Parliament said a word! Not even Roberta Metsola pronounced herself.

Maria Veronica Rossi an MEP from Italy’s Lega Party told The Times (U.K.)that it “represents Jesus surrounded by apostles dressed as sadomasochistic slaves” while expressing her concern over the ‘lack of respect towards millions of believers all over Europe.’”

She told Italy24 “It is legitimate to address issues of all kinds in institutional settings but exploiting a religion is an intolerable lack of respect for millions of faithful throughout Europe. Other than cultural insight this appears as a gratuitous provocation: Why offend and lack respect?”

But according to Ohlson it’s “just 12 pictures of Jesus loving the LGBT rights.” Thus in her opinion Christians and Catholics should not get offended.
In a tweet Jorge Buxadé of Spain’s Vox party “accused the European Parliament of providing a platform for the ‘LGTBIQ+ lobby’ with the complicity of leftist parties.”

Italy’s Deputy Prime Minister Matteo Salvini wroteon Facebook “Art? No just vulgarity and disrespect.” Will our deputy prime minister issue a statement condemning this art too?

This is another piece of artwork which was depicted in this exhibition:

When the same work was displayed at the Belgrade Pride festival in Serbia in 2012 Patriarch Irinej of the Serbian Orthodox Church had criticized its display. So where is the criticism of Arcbishop Scicluna and of his pseudo-Christian Newsbook journalists?

We are clearly being shown that the anti-Christian movement is trying to push its way forward with Christ being the centre of the mockery so that any Christian and Catholic is persecuted in His name. And yet Newsbook and Archbishop Scicluna are still wearing the two rented costumes of “his majesty” with two horns because none of them give a hoot about all this and none of them have condemned this artwork.

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