Why does the QLZH foundation toot its horns by joining Neil Agius the media acclaimed favourite hero?

The QLZH foundation under the pretense of “let’s save the environment ” has been organising annual land and sea-bed cleanups for some time.
I do not mind having such cleanups and I am all in favour of a clean environment. There are many organisations which do them. But firstly are we becoming less civilised as time goes by where we have ended up having to resort to doing such cleanups? Shouldn’t we be educated enough to know that we should not dirty public places and the environment? Are we denser than humans or does it feel that we are living with apes where it is hard to be clean?

But why does this foundation always have to toot its horns?

On its latest horn tooting trip it has joined the Lovin Malta acclaimed swimming hero Olympian athlete Neil Agius. As a sportive woman myself I do not mind having sports people like Agius doing exceptional feats like he did when he entered the world record bookswith his 52-hour swim from Limosa to Gozo. This site has also wished the super veteran athlete Fabio Spiteri the best of luck. But when you have the QLZH foundation calling Agius with its buzz word “legend” and joining forces “for the sake of the environment” so “to save our seas” with the local mainstream media bombarding us with articles about Agius including his travelling trips abroad while doing the same for the QLZH foundation then I start smelling rats.

Firstly there are so many silent heroes out there who do not trumpet their heroism! Cat feeders who feed cats from their own pocket even if they earn an average income day and night. Others save animals from the street. Others do voluntary work with the sick or with the needy. But they do not trumpet what they do. Do we ever hear of them?

It was back in 2020 that this media acclaimed hero started being given coverage when he completed Sicily-Malta swim in record-breaking time. The Times of Malta called him “swimmer and anti-pollution activist” which means that it is glueing the climate change jargon in your brain cells.

Times of Malta as if it is boasting about its successes from the pulpit of arrogance wrote that “a swimming coach and former Olympian the 34-year-old undertook the epic trip to raise awareness about marine pollution and to inspire people to take better care of maritime habitats.” How eloquent! Does he have to do these ego-trippy swims to create such an awareness? Do you ever see him wearing gloves or whatever so to pick up rubbish? Did he put himself to action when he was present for the QLZH foundation ocean-bed cleanup?

In addition can Neil Agius tell the nation how does he manage to train for such long feats with a work schedule? Is Agius in a stable financial position which enables him to train for such feats any time during the day because money is not an issue? Are these the kind of heroes that the media and the world want to make people idolise and worship? Where are the raw ones? Is Agius considered an elitist by the media and the QLZH Foundation so that the latter continue tooting its horns? Why did Lovin Malta have to inform us that its swimming hero was in Zanzibar last January where he swam with dolphins? Does the Maltese nation which is struggling with inflation have to revere and send a postcard to Zanzibar?

Agius is known for spearheading the Wave of Change movement whereby he “encourages every person to collect three items of rubbish every time they visit the seaside to help reduce maritime pollution”. Does this sound like an innovative creative brainer idea to you? Why doesn’t he himself organise a huge cleanup where he puts on the gloves and lead by example and collect not three items but as many items as he can?

Moreoever why has Agius joined the QLZH foundation with its woke agendas which is part of the money-making property industry which is also a source of pollution? Does Agius know that construction activities often involve the use of toxic chemicals and pollutants that can end up in the water table? Has he ever condemned over-fishing for example and the extinction of sea-urchins from our sea? Does he know that as a reader of this blog educated us with their extinction came about with chemicals thrown into the sea for the concrete blocks to bond during the building of the breakwater wharf? Does he know that the carrying of the concrete blocks for the breakwater damaged the sea-bed? So why has he now joined the concrete construction property industry?

Is the QLZH foundation immersing itself in such projects to cover the fact that at the end of the day it makes money out of a pollutant industry? Are there any ulterior hidden motives? And why from all people in the field of sport and silent heroes did it have to support and join forces with Neil Agius our media’s hailed and revered hero in a world which idolises and worships the wrong heroes while pushing the real raw ones by the wayside?

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