David Casa is in cahoots with the climate change agenda with the blessing of Lovin Malta’s sponsorship.

Lovin Malta has joined forces to sponsor David Casa who is enforcing climate action while telling you that you should be grateful and indebted to him. Did Lovin Malta do some find out? Is Lovin Malta receiving some payment for this cheap propaganda? Thanks to the fact that Casa has endorsed the doom and gloom climate change hoax despite various experts, professors and geologists telling the world that there is no global warming and no climate change now we have been blessed through Casa’s climate package the Social Climate fund which the European Parliament has approved.

This is another proof that your MEPs have turned against you by voting in the European Parliament for the climate change hoax to be pushed on the Maltese nation.

“Casa explained that the €86.7 billion fund will be invested to shield households and micro-enterprises from the effects of the climate transition.

‘We have robust safeguards on how governments will operate the Fund especially through strict targeting requirements to ensure that funding goes where it will have the biggest impact. The Commission will evaluate detailed plans on how the measures are designed and implemented with funds only being disbursed upon completion of milestones and targets.’ he said.

Maltese citizens are set to benefit from a ten-fold increase in funding under the provisional agreement a mobilisation of just over €60 million. On the increase for the share for Maltese citizens Casa said that “there was a strong case to be made and I am very happy to have achieved this result”.
Billions of money from the EU always flow for their nefarious agendas putting more pressure on the people while making them go in a totalitarian merry-go-round to do this and do that obey this and obey that.

Due to “renewable energy transport emissions and vulnerable houses” Lovin Malta tries to convince you that we “need climate action before falling into climate chaos”. The chaos that we are falling into is only that which is engineered by a nefarious agenda which Casa is endorsing and which the media like Lovin Malta push in the propaganda! This site will continue to show you how this net zero is a nefarious cult how there is no climate change no global warming no climate chaos and how the weather is being manipulated by engineered agendas. Please do not fall for any of the propaganda and do not allow the propaganda to push you to buy stuff which they claim is helping the environment. Dear Maltese nation push back and do not allow this control machine to engulf you in it!

Casa is also reported saying that “The Social Climate Fund is the most significant social measure on the road to net zero” which means that he endorses the net zero cult. Lovin Malta sells you this filth with its caption that “the point of the Fund is to bring down energy bills and to move away from fossil fuels.”

Please note that every time you hear the governments the MEPs the tell-a-lie-vision the news or the media like Lovin Malta utter the term “fossil fuels” you are being lied to. It was J.D. Rockefeller of the elitist family who at the Geneva Convention back in 1892 paid scientists to call oil a “fossil fuel” so to induce the idea of scarcity so that he pushes for a world set price for it. You are not being told that oil is the second-most abundant liquid on the planet next to water which has the ability to regenerate itself within the earth faster than it can be depleted.

They forget to tell you that the real problem is that they choked us with plastic bottles and plastic when everything was being sold to us in plastic and now they tell us that our usage of plastic is creating a problem and that we should be taxed for its recycling.

Here is Environmentalist Greenpeace co-founder Dr. Patrick Moore already stating four years ago the disastrous consequences that there will be thanks to the Net Zero/Green New Deal cult policies. When he was asked why he thinks that this new green deal is terrifying his reply is very significant for future scenarios: “Well because I think that this would be basically the end of a civilisationif 85% of the world’s and also 85% of the US’s is energy in the form of coal oil and natural gas were phased out over the next few years like 10 years we do not have anything to replace them with. Yes if we went into a crash course of building nuclear reactors we could replace them for producing electricity but that isn’t going to happen because the greens are against nuclear and they’re even against hydroelectric dams which at least is renewable but they don’t support that either so basically they are opposed to approximately 98.5% of all the electricity that we are using and nearly a 100% of all the vehicle and transportation and ships and planes energy that we are using. So when I tweeted the other day and had a huge response over three million impressions on Twitter when I said ‘You don’t have a plan to feed 8 billion people without fossil fuels or get the food into the cities where it’s needed.That requires large trucks and there’s not going to be any electric trucks any time soon hauling 40 tons of food into the supermarkets where the people in the cities probably think it originates in the supermarket. But it does not. It is coming from farms out in the country where a few million people are growing the food for all the rest of the population. And if we ban fossil fuels first agricultural production would collapse in a very short period of time. There’s these things called tractors and they use fuel and all the other implements on the farm. And then there’s the transportation. So when you have no fuel how do you get the food to the center of New York to Manhattan where AOC is from. You don’t. Then the people there will begin to starveand that will spread out as a rot from the center of the metropolis all across the country and half the population will die in a very short period of time. And as I also pointed out there wouldn’t be a tree left on this planet say this is a worldwide thing because the US isn’t going to ban fossil fuels if no one else does. But say the Paris Agreement came into effect fully all around the world and everybody banned fossil fuels there wouldn’t be a tree left on this planet because that would be all there was for fuel for heating and cooking as they did in the old days when there was hardly anybody on the planet compared to what there is today. So just that one point. Never mind the insanity of banning aircraft and fossil fuel using vehicles.”

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