The Times of Malta and Simon Cusens did not manage to convince me that Freemasons are not involved in Daphne Caruana Galizia’s assassination

The Times of Malta took up my blogs about Freemasonry and the Grandmaster of the Sovereign Grand Masonic Lodge of Malta and interviewed the grandmaster Simon Cusens himself. Mark Laurence Zammit did the copy-and-paste job. From the title of his article one can already smell the propaganda and damage-control attempt from afar:

Moreover the information given in this article is a repetition of the same information told in the programme T13ttax meaning that nothing new is being revealed and that it is the same propaganda clearance sale. Zammit tells us that Cusens “did not intend to reveal himself as the freemasonry grandmaster because he did not want his friends and acquaintances to feel uncomfortable.”

No one has ever denied that Freemasonry has no sound and decent people. However examining the history in detail reveals that Freemasonry is a much deeper complicated subject than Cusens is trying to sell. Moreover one cannot deny that psychopaths infiltrate this organization. They walk in a suit and tie but they are still criminals.

As part of the damage control attempt Zammit writes that the Freemasons’ reputation is “being tainted by rogue criminals who want to operate in secrecy to hide sinister motives and by bloggers who are unfairly associating the good Freemasons with the bad ones.” This part is extremely interesting and a slip of the tongue! In a nutshell Simon Cusens has answered already. He admits that there are evil Freemasons who are rogue criminals and operate in secrecy to hide sinister motives! Therefore he is self admitting that what had been stated in the past that Freemasons are involved in Daphne’s murder is true.

Zammit continues: “However he was outedas the Freemasons’ boss last month by two bloggers  including author Mark Camilleri after he sat down for an anonymous interview with TVM to explain to the public what the fraternity is about.” Why isn’t my name mentioned? Please note that Camilleri’s article “The Labour Party tries to normalize fraud and Corruption ” is a vague blog with a political colour with no researched information about Freemasonry. It is more of a direct attack on Cusens’s past businesses.

What comes next is what Cusens told Zammit about the bloggers. “The bloggers said freemasons use the secretive organisation to engage in shady possibly corrupt business and extend their networks with other powerful and wealthy people to acquire government favours and influence political decisions in their favour.”

I am one of the “bloggers”. I assume that the other blogger is Professor Simon Mercieca who gives me the space to express my thoughts. My blogs expose how Freemasons worldwide engage in shady and corrupt business. Didn’t he also admit above that bad Freemasons operate in  secrecy? Nevertheless I never wrote the last bit. I just asked why Freemasons need politicians in their ring since ex-minister Evarist Bartolo had stated that Freemasons had asked him to join the network. So I thank Cusens for giving us the answer to my question.

Moreover Cusens states that: “They also noted how two years ago pardoned middleman Melvin Theuma had said in court that Freemasons were prepared to pay €100 000 for the murder of Caruana Galizia.”

Who are They? No I was the only one who mentioned this in my blog which even carried the name of Simon Cusens! Dear Times how conceited you are not to tell the public that you have read the blogs of a female volunteer who is not a full-time writer but whom you are trying to annihilate and disprove but whose blogs have led you to write your article! What a shame that the mainstream media read and mimick this site. The truth is that The Times is helping the masons sell their propaganda because it is now evident that members of this association are involved in Daphne’s murder.

The Times and the rest of the local mainstream media can continue to ignore the presence of this blog but I will still linger. I will continue writing “bla kantunieri” using God-given discernment and my inquisitive mind. Please note that I do not need publicity from our compromised mainstream media because my blogs are read locally and abroad. The truth is that Mark Laurence Zammit did not want to make a fool of himself by admitting that this small site with a few volunteers writing in their free time is leading the way and is spinning him out of control! Cusens was undoubtedly perturbed and disturbed by what was written on this site. Are the Freemasons in panic mode? Of course they are.

Simon Cusens did not convince me that Freemasons were not involved in the murder of Daphne Caruana Galizia.

Simon Cusens did not convince me that Freemasons were not involved in the murder of Daphne Caruana Galizia.

“Cusens categorically denied that the Sovereign Grand Lodge of Malta was involved in any conspiracy to assassinate the journalist and said the allegations are the result of shoddy research intended only to generate online clicks.”

If what is published on this site results from “shoddy research ” the reader should rest assured that His Highness the Grand Master of the Maltese Freemasons would have ignored it and let it be because action speaks louder than trumpeting propaganda. However instead of admitting that these blogs make sense and hit the nail on its head he showed that he could not just sit and relax. Instead he had to defend the indefensible because this was the best he knew. This is the behavior of someone with something to hide as we say in Maltese “jgħatti xturu”!

By any chance is Mr. Cusens talking about “shoddy research” because I have a list of local politicians in Freemasonry? Everything I write is an accumulation of hours days and months of research which I study to the minute detail whereby I pledge to give the public facts because I first and foremost feel responsible towards the readers.

The program “T13ttax” whereby the Grand Master of the Grand Masonic Lodge of Malta was interviewed, was mere propaganda and sensationalism

Why should nations study and get knowledgeable about freemasons and freemasonry

According to Cusens: “It’s a real relief to walk up those steps in Triq Marsamxett and enter a building full of like-minded people and spend a meaningful evening speaking about the truly most important things in life that you can’t buy with money.”

How sweet! Why can’t they do this without being in Freemasonry or at least revealing their names? Mr. Cusens should have stated that in that building in Triq Marsamxett gather rich and influential people some of whom have and are infiltrated in high positions. Now I will leave it to the readers to think of how they spend these enjoyable evenings and what is the subject of their discussions. Let us not disappoint ourselves and for a moment think that these people are not in this network not to enhance their wealth and manipulate the local institutions to their advantage.

Why is Simon Cusens now suddenly interested in defending the Freemasons’ reputation? Why didn’t he come up with such a defense when the Freemasons were implicated in the murder of Daphne Caruana Galizia for the first time? Why is The Times trying to defend the indefensible? Why didn’t he go on TVM immediately after Melvin Theuma implicated masons in this murder and stated back then what he is stating today? Why didn’t he send a right of reply or open the doors of his lodge to Malta Today and the Times of Malta when the first reports started to appear in the press that Freemasons were implicated in this murder?

Why is The Times of Malta defending the Freemasons now? Is there a connection between what the Degiorgio brothers wrote and this follow-up about how good and innocent our local Freemasons are? Is this interview a preventive measure to dismiss any other revelations that the Degiorgio brothers can make about the involvement of Freemasons in the assassination of Daphne Caruana Galizia? The Degiorgio brothers named a leading Maltese mason with connections with the Mossad in the murder of Daphne Caruana Galizia.

This interview turned Grandmaster Simon Cusens into some form of a missionary “to clear the name of hundreds of genuine freemasons in Malta whose reputation has been smeared by centuries-old public misconceptions and conspiracy theories about crime and corruption“. However this is already too late.

On my part I will deal with these “freemasonry conspiracy theories” in other articles. What is not a conspiracy theory is the self-admittance by Cusens that he presented himself to the police to assist them with their investigations into the assassination of Daphne’s murder. However as Grand Master he now has to state whether there are members of the police force in his organisation. This is of utmost importance to save his credibility. Mark Laurence Zammit should have asked him this simple question. However he would have never done so not to embarrass him and put The Times journalists’ sources at an even greater embarrassment.

However an even more difficult question to Cusens would have been if there were or are members in his society who are or were involved in the investigation of Daphne’s murder. Then perhaps the public would one day know the whole truth about this murder and what went behind the scenes. Let us hope and cross our fingers that the plan of having a routine visit by Yorgen Fenech to Sicily changed into a dramatic escape from Malta reported live by The Times was not concocted in one of those quiet and serene conversations in the Marsamxett building.

The Times of Malta has flipped the pancake and is all out to defend the Freemasons. The only reason why The Times is doing this is because individuals who are or were behind the investigation of the murder of Daphne Caruana Galizia are part and parcel of secretive organizations. For this reason Mark Laurence Zammit produced this lousy article to make this secretive Masonic organization appear as a saintly society. Instead of changing my opinion Simon Cusens convinced me more that Freemasons are involved in Daphne Caruana Galizia’s murder. The mind boggles how these members can adequately investigate their mates involved in this heinous murder!

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