Apart from Metsola and Owen Bonnici the attendees for this year WEF meeting include influential forces in the corporate governmental and “non-profit” world.

The World Economic Forum through its annual conference serves as the global ruling class’s go-to in-person invite-only ideologically closed policy and ideas shop.

This year’s annual meeting will be held in the usual Davos between 16thand 20th January entitled “Cooperation in a Fragmented World”. It should be changed to “Destruction in a world fragmented by the Elite”. There have already been reports of police and military personnel blocking roads and checking fingerprints near Davos:

Roberta Metsola and Owen Bonnici are not the only two who are attending because this year apart from government representatives the attendees list happens to be a massive roster of some of the most influential (and diabolical) forces in the corporate governmental and “non-profit” world. The FBI director Chris Wray the CEOs of Amazon Blackrock and Pfizer top officials of the Gates Foundation and in the Soros network and the publisher of The New York Times among many others are to reportedly attend Schwab’s summit in Davos[1].

Zelensky has also announced his attendance as he intends to sign new postwar loans with Blackrock[2]:

Now don’t be fooled. The WEF is not what it makes you believe it is. It is a fanatical political organization masquerading as a neutral entity with specific policy goals that include concentrating power in the hands of hand-picked global elites as the only way to save the planet from a feigned climate emergency. It is the primary coalition builder for what amounts to a public-private Fascist movement. Over the years they’ve partnered with the most powerful people in business as well as central bankers government heads and international organizations to facilitate their top-down vision of technocratic tyranny or “stakeholder capitalism.” Under the guise of saving the planet the WEF seeks to deliberately halt human progress innovation and personal flourishing.

The WEF tells you that this annual meeting will “address the state of the world and discuss priorities for the year ahead.” It adds that the six main topics for 2023 will be:

Ukraine shines a light on importance of global cooperation
Three interconnected crises – climate food energy
Don’t use ‘Recession’ (but it might be coming anyway)
Preparing for the next pandemic requires ending health disparities
Gender inequality and jobs of tomorrow
‘Our future is digital’

But one must go beyond much beyond all these and connect a lot of other dots. Will it address how to keep on injecting people with deadly vaccines? How to understand that the Covid-19 vaccines are doing the job slowly and quietly so that hardly anyone would realise that it is a holocaust? How must all these leaders bring forth more agendas of the illuminati free mason human power elite to exterminate humanity?

How to augment cognitive warfare? How will they continue the shift to transhumanism in their so called ‘jobs for tomorrow’ with the taking over of AI? How will they make sure that we go cashless? How will they make everybody switch to have the Digital ID and the microchip?
Will Schwab dictate to all those present how they will make sure that ordinary people have no right to own a car? His WEF has already declared that people have no right to own their own car and can instead “walk or share” because far too many people own their own vehicles and this situation must be corrected by pricing them out of the market. The Davos elites argue in a WEF paper[3]that communal car sharing must become part of a “circular approach” to reduce global demand for precious metals and fossil fuels. Will they add the end of private ownership too like owning a private home? Will one of those priorities be how to drive already sky-high gas prices higher?

Is the engineered European winter heat wave which has just swept Europe one of such priorities? Will they discuss geo-engineering 5G and HAARP so to keep on cooking off the surface of the earth while they make you believe that you are the fault for the engineered climate crisis if there truly is a crisis?

Is the New World Order a totalitarian one world government one of such priorities?

Will they discuss how they want to keep on controlling the narrative on social media[4]so that they control the world’s information and manipulate all the minds that consume it?

Will they discuss edible insects as the future of our food?

I am sure Owen Bonnici and Metsola will update us.

According to the WEF “the world today is at a critical inflection point. The sheer number of ongoing crises calls for bold collective action” – The world today was brought to a critical inflection point by the Elite so that they make you at the centre of this turning point in their quest to destroy the world the economy and humanity while imposing and dictating how humanity should live on their own terms.


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