Dr Alfred Sant continues to peddle the narrative of the manufactured climate crisis

Dr Sant finds no scruples in using his Facebook page to peddle the narrative of the manufactured climate crisis. This site had already pointed at this in an earlier piece. And yet, despite this site giving valid research with speeches and information from experts like Greenpeace co-founder Patrick Moore, the highly-knowledgeable geologist and professor Ian Plimer who, in his speech, brought facts and not opinion, former MEPs like Godfrey Bloom and Crotian MEP Mislav Kolakusic in his speech about green transition; that of Dr John F Clauser, a nobel laureate; John Coleman, a former meteorologist, dispelling the climate crisis myth, the Global Climate Intelligence Group led by another nobel laureate, Professor Ivar Giaever, publishing a report titled ‘There is No Climate Emergency‘ and we also had an acclaimed and respected scholar, like Thomas Sowell stating that global warming is manufactured by intellectuals…….

we have Alfred Sant, an MEP whom you voted for, peddling the narrative of the climate change and the climate crisis.

So, Dr Sant, in your opinion, are all those highly knowledgeable experts, just denying your narrative for fun? What makes your narrative, peddled by the EU and the UN, pushed by climate, fraudulent grifters, funded by the tax-payers’ money, the right one?

Here is Sant’s post while he peddles the narrative of climate change and unnecessary alarm:

Dr Sant, firstly, I would like to correct a statement that you wrote which is “All those who deny that there is a climate warming, refuse to give answers to this question.” Do not worry, because I will answer your question on behalf of others, who like me, are not made to swallow the spreading of fearmongering and the manufactured climate crisis. I have written this and I am going to repeat it again, maybe this has evaded your memory: people like myself do not deny that the climate does not change. The climate has its natural course of changing. As Professor Ian Plimer, who certainly is more knowledgeable on the subject than you and me, had stated:

“We are currently in an interglacial of an ice age that started on a Thursday that started 34 million years ago and the ice had come and gone.In our last interglacial sea level was about seven meters higher. Temperature was about five degrees warmer. So if someone said this is the hottest day on record you have to ask ‘Since when?’ If it’s the hottest day in the last hundred and twenty thousand years then that is a record. But since when? So if we go to the peak of our interglacial which was about 4000 years ago it was about five degrees warmer. So it’s cooler than the hottest temperature on record. If we go to the time of Jesus when it was warm it’s about four degrees cooler than then. If we go to the Dark Ages go to the Viking Age we’ve actually warmed up since then. If we go to the medieval warming we’ve cooled down since then. And if we go to the little ice age we’ve warmed up since then. So since when? And I know this is going to surprise you but we’ve just come out of a little ice age. What do you think temperature is going to do? Fall or rise? It’s been rising since the morning minimum more than 300 years ago. So it is no surprise that if you have cut off times for temperature or for sea level or for hurricanes or whatever you spin whatever yarn you want to spin.”

People like myself deny the narrative of human-induced climate change and the narrative of doomsday scenarios. But clearly you are blaming humanity, like the UN did. And please how come you are suddenly referring to the Bible, when you have been described as not being a Roman Catholic and being anti-clerical, with past Facebook posts of yours?So, please leave the Holy Bible out of the equation.

What do you have to say about what Profs Ian Plimer stated, or do you believe the fraudulent, climate scientists?

Another question I wanted to ask you is: you have been living on Earth for 75 years. Can I ask you what kind of common sense do you embrace to make you believe that the world is going through a doom and gloom scenario? If you have lived thousands of years, to experience different climates, so that you can actually prove that this is the worst climate that the Earth is experiencing, then you might be correct. But your reality is different. This leads to the next question: how can you explain that we are still alive when we have been peddled with doomsday scenarios about climate change and that we have a climate crisis since 1958? If you want to stick to your narrative, then you have to bring proof that all this factual information is fake.

Now I get to your question: “If there’s something in this last subject [climate] that is not going well, what will they tell us if an unexpected crisis hits us tomorrow, that we won’t be able to retract?”

Are you, Dr Sant, alreading giving a warning of a manufactured climate crisis which will be thrown on humanity, just like the pseudo-pandemic was? Because, in this case, you won’t be the first:

Here are some of the many replies of those you deem climate deniers:

We have also the warning of Justin Trudeau:

Before I conclude, Dr Sant, can you tell the Maltese nation how was your vote on the European Green Deal, a roadmap for Europe to become climate-neutral by 2050, after in November 2019, the EU Parliament declared a climate emergency? Dr Sant, can you tell the Maltese nation how was your vote in the quest to boost methane emission reductions from the energy sector by 2030? Dr Sant, can you tell the Maltese nation how was your vote in the Nature Restoration Law, sold as aiming to bring healthy ecosystems back to Europe, when truly, the real goal is to seize agricultural land, take full control of the food supply and force European citizens like the Maltese people, to accept communism without the honour?

Dr Sant, clearly, you went from a short two-year term prime minister who opposed the EU, to now, as an MEP puppeteered by the same EU, peddling the narrative of the same EU because you will not bite the hand that feeds you.

It is clear that we don’t have a crisis of climate but a crisis of government policy, a crisis of education, a crisis manufactured by the EU and the UN and a crisis of common sense even in MEPs like Alfred Sant.

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