Dr. Alfred Sant resorts to fearmongering by selling cheap propaganda to make the Maltese people think that they need to do something about the climate change.

On his Facebook page Dr. Alfred Sant is also giving the doom and gloom scenarios of the climate change.

Who are those scientists you are talking of Dr. Sant? Are they by any chance those who have been and are being funded by the governments to push this agenda? Are you aware of over thirty doom and gloom predictions about the weather which humanity has been bombarded with since October 1958 which were proven false because they never came true? With this doom and gloom all humanity should have been wiped out since the 1960s and yet we are still here! Are you aware of the book “Green Murder” of the Australian professor and geologist Ian Plimer whose expertise finds all you wrote here as unfounded false and a product of brainwashing propaganda? Who are the “experts” you are believing Dr. Sant? Why did you endorse this climate change agenda so that the Maltese nation from people to businesses will be further taxed and pushed to a totalitarian state?

This is another doom and gloom scenario. Are you aware of the engineered weather modification Dr. Sant which is responsable for these out-of-season heatwaves? Are you aware of chemtrails? Are you aware of the Chemtrail Public Law 105-85 which was passed on 19th November 1997? Are you aware of US-patent-4686605 which proves that the U.S. government among others is experimenting with the weather by altering regions in the Earth’s atmosphere ionosphere and magnetosphere? Are you aware of the speech that former CIA Director John O. Brennan made at the Council on Foreign Relations event in 2016 where he admitted the plans of geo-engineering? Are you aware that China and Dubai already make artificial rain? Don’t you find it strange that we have a sunny warm weather on a weekend and then suddenly it is all grey and rainy the next? Did you ever realise that there is a weather change after our skies are sprayed with chemtrails which linger there for a day or two? Are you aware of the devastating effects that the Net Zero Agenda will have on agriculture food and natural habitat?

On the other hand why did none of you speak up against the destruction of trees and valleys while you all supported the construction industry and road building with the excuse to build a better economy and to have better roads to be able to take all the traffic? Malta has been ripped off its lungs!
Thankfully there are citizens like the woman below who know what is going on and did not buy your marketing propaganda to make the Maltese people probe into action while making them afraid concerned and believe that they are the cause for this climate change without telling them that it is all engineered on purpose:

Dr. Sant can you explain to the Maltese people how come the agenda is confusing people by misleading them with the statement that “Homogenitus Cirrus ” which means “man made cloud” are contrails when in reality they are chemtrails? Do you ever look up and realise the difference between contrails which disappear within seconds or minutes while chemtrails linger and stay there until they spread which are the cause for some health issues weather modification and even this engineered climate change which you are selling as being our fault?

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