This is the speech of Croatian MEP Mislav Kolakušić to the EU Parliament about one of the agendas in the green transition which is that to make farmers disappear by taking their land to hand it over to the construction sector so that the majority of the people except the rich will be only able to eat insects and artificially created food:

“Today we are discussing the role of you farmers in the green transition. Your role is extremely simple you have to disappear. Why because you are interfering with the new insane ideology of complete control over the population of the European Union for which in the near future the only food available will be artificially created food supplemented with imported insects from the East. Only the rich will be able to buy and eat normal organic food. The war against the farmers started in the Netherlands. There by legal norms they want to take away the land from the farmers and hand it over to the construction sector because allegedly agriculture is dangerous for the land and the population. They are fighting and the farmers in Croatia and other EU countries will not give up either.”

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