A continuation of the doom and gloom climate catastrophe scenarios which the media and scientists have been selling you

In a previous blog the first seven of the 32 climate predictions of the doom and gloom climate catastrophe scenarios were presented which the media and scientists have been selling you. In it the origins of the trend of a gloomy coming ice age were presented. So here are the next ten.
In January 1978 The New York Times reported

“An international team of specialists has concluded from eight indexes of climate that there is no end in sight to the cooling trend of the last 30 years at least in the northern hemisphere.”

However it appeared that the end of the trend was in sight because just a year later in February 1979 the same New York Times reported the exact opposite:

“There is a real possibility that some people now in their infancy will live to a time when the ice at the North Pole will have melted a change that would cause swift and perhaps catastrophic changes in climate.”

Three years later in May 1982 the same New York Times gave a potential date for this collapse. Citing the executive director of the United Nations environmental program it wrote “[If the world didn’t change course it would face] an environmental catastrophe which will witness devastation as complete as irreversible as any nuclear holocaust [by the year 2000]”

In September 1988 there was a report in the AFP which said that the island nation of the Maldives was in risk of becoming completely covered by a “gradual rise in average sea level [in 30 years and that] the end of the Maldives and its people could come sooner if drinking water supplies dry up by 1992 as predicted.” Is the Maldives under water today?

In June 1989 the San Hose Mercury News reported: “A senior environmental official at the United Nations Noel Brown says entire nations could be wiped off the face of the earth by rising sea levels if global warming is now reversed by the year 2000.”

Even though all these predictions did not materialise the climate change doomsday scenarios continued up to till this day but all of the above were replaced by new doomsday predictions. In reference to the UK in March 2000 an article in The Independent reported that “Snowfalls are now just a thing of the past. Children just aren’t going to know what snow is. Within a few years winter snowfall would become a very rare and exciting event.”
Did it stop snowing in the UK?

In December of 2001 a story from the Albuquerque Journal said: “The changes in climate could potentially extirpate the sugar maple industry in New England within 20 years according to George Hurtt co-author of a 2001 global warming report commissioned by the U.S. Congress.” Twenty-two years after this report and New England still produces plenty of maple sugar.

In February 2004 The Guardian exposed that “A secret Pentagon report that predicted climate change will lead to nuclear war major European cities will sink into the ocean and Britain would descend into Siberian climate by the year 2020.”

In January 2006 while paraphrashing Al Gore the Associated Press wrote: “Unless drastic measures to reduce greenhouse gases are taken within the next 10 years the world will reach a point of no return.”

In November 2007 the New York Times quoted the head of the United Nations climate panel who said “[This year was the] defining moment  [of the climate change fight…] If there is no action before 2012 that’s too late.”

In that same month Canada’s Canwest new service while paraphrasing another polar researcher wrote “The Arctic Ocean could be free of ice in the summer as soon as 2010 or 2015 something that hasn’t happened in more than a million years.”

This Arctic Ocean without ice prediction then began to gain traction. In December 2007 there was a story in the Associated Press citing a NASA scientist: “Arctic Sea ice gone in summer within five years? … At this rate the Arctic Ocean could be nearly ice free at the end of summer by 2012.”

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