The QLZH Foundation and its support of Woke cultural agenda.

The QLZH Foundation whose one of its directors is accused of making a false sexual assault report endorses the Woke cultural agenda and propaganda with the full support of the mainstream media.

Its video about domestic abuse can be watched via this link. This was also given prominence by the propaganda machine The Times of Malta (

This is not the first video of such a kind by this company. They also ran a video titled “Like a Woman” so to promote gender equality due to the low rating that Malta received on the EU Gender Equality Index in another scenario where being born a woman in this country is deemed to be a curse but the QLZH Foundation sells you this with the cliche of raising awareness the breaking down of stereotypes and to “celebrate success stories of women who challenged society’s odds”. It produced a “short socio-documentary” which “took a thought-provoking approach to highlight men’s and also women’s perceptions on matters that may have become socio-normative such as driving skills physical endurance and male-predominant professions.” What it did was it asked a set of questions to men and women like “who they felt parked best between men and women or how many women would it take to lift one-hundred and fifty-five kilos. In both cases the majority of responses highlighted that instinctively people need further probing in understanding that it is a situational matter and that women are able to park well and or lift heavy weights.” Firstly the questions were idiotic and a no-brainer to say the least. Secondly they are stereotypical too. Thirdly a woman’s strength is not shown in these idiotic situations. Most importantly us women do not need this kind of bullshit and propaganda in these stereotypical comedy videos!


The QLZH foundation has also produced a Malta Sustainability Forum 2019 document:

While reminding you that the buzz word “sustainability” is one of the nefarious agendas of the EU and the Globalist Elites the QLZH Foundation sells you this:

In another video this foundation is seen in another lavish artificial elitist stand-up comedy with its QLZH Fundraiser Final:

Another campaign it produced was “Grab Life by the B*lls It Can Save Your Life!” where it depicted “a group of six property specialists turned models for a day from Quicklets and Zanzi Homes seen with pink pain dripping hands and a handprint on their genital area” while claiming that it is “running a nationwide campaign raising awareness about testicular cancer and mental health.”

What a load of bullshit and glitters that make me want to continue to puke as I am aware of the supply of illusions by actors and operatives that we are being bombarded with which taste sweeter and look glittery while those who are trying to destroy these illusions are always victims to be shamed and thrown on the wayside.

Another campaign which the QLZH foundation is involved in is sponsoring the education of a disadvantaged child in Africa. In May 2021 it made another textbook donation for children in Ghana as given publicity by the same propaganda machine Times of Malta:

I guess it is cheaper to do such a sponsorship then to take care of your own agents managers and branch owners. But it is a good showcase to show off your pseudo-altruism under a veil of artificial dead glittery landscape.

QLZH is taking you all for a ride and for a double ride with its feminist and masculinist nefarious agendas. Embrace yourselves with grounded spirituality and do not take heed of all this false glamour.

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