The Degiorgio’s press release confirms that the mastermind of Daphne’s murder is being protected by the Local Freemasons.

Mark Camilleri wrote a blog and accused Professor Simon Mercieca that he is getting information about the involvement of Freemasons in the murder of Daphne Caruana Galizia for Yorgen Fenech’s mother. Yorgen Fenech has been dubbed as the mastermind in Daphne’s brutal murder by the mainstream media. Mark Camilleri endorses this false narrative.

Unfortunately for Mark Camilleri the source implicating the Freemasons in Daphne’s murder is known to all and sundry. They are the same individuals who have executed this horrendous murder. The first to do so was the middleman Melvin Theuma. Now it is the turn of the Degiorgio brothers to repeat this narrative. A few days ago there was the press release of the Degiorgio brothers. There are key points that come out of the press release. The first point is that certain prominent persons in this country who have protection used the Degiorgio brothers in various crimes including the assassination of Daphne Caruana Galizia. So this clearly shows that certain prominent persons in this country are not only involved in this murder but are also running a high-profile criminal syndicate in Malta.

Two prominent persons mentioned in this Press Release are the ex-ministers Carmelo Abela and Chris Cardona. I am not convinced that Carmelo Abela is a high-profile mafioso. I am more inclined to think that he too like Yorgen Fenech is a victim of a political and criminal frame-up. Whatever the case this statement by the Degiorgio brothers proves that we have high-profile criminals who were part of the Labour Party and the Labour Government.

Then the Degiorgio brothers mentioned LAWYERS (note the plural) among whom we find David Gatt. They also mentioned HIGH-RANKING OFFICERS WITHIN THE POLICE CORPS AND THE ARMY. A critical statement written by the Degiorgios is “We ended up being used by these people.

These are individuals who once they introduce you to their circle you have to obey their orders.” Don’t you think this “circle” they are referring to is that of Freemasonry and the “orders” they must obey are discussed during the Freemasons’ meetings? Are they threatened with death if they do not obey such orders since the verb “have to” shows submission and that they cannot refuse?

Another strong statement uttered by the Degiorgios is “ But it is obvious that this is not possible because there are internal pacts that have to be honoured.” Freemasons are known for making internal pacts within their secret society which they must honour. One of these pacts is to protect each other.

The Degiorgios also claim that even though they have passed on sensitive information to the police concerning A NUMBER of cases “the police took no action perhaps on instructions of certain important people. Worse still we believe that in certain cases the justice system is being used to side-track the truth and certain individuals are being accused who as far as we know played no part in these crimes.” This all points to the fact that either the Freemasons have hijacked the court or that there are lawyers judges and magistrates working in specific court cases like those of Daphne Caruana Galizia who are Freemasons themselves. I remind you that Daphne mentioned lawyers in her articles like Arthur Azzopardi as Freemasons. The Degiorgios mentioned David Gatt. Nevertheless now Mark Camilleri seeks to discredit those who mention the work of the Freemasons in this case by calling them mafiosi!

“We start with the case of Daphne Caruana Galizia. The facts concerning this case are not as they are being presented or projected by the investigating officers and politicians. We personally know this. What we know is not from being told but because we are in the know. We believe that there is a plot to exculpate the true criminal who ordered the crime.”

This means that we are being given lies regarding Daphne’s murder while the investigating officers and politicians are in cahoots together to side-track the truth to protect the actual criminal or criminals who ordered the crime who is definitely not Yorgen Fenech! In reaction Joseph Muscat offered bounty money to those who could lead to the arrest of those involved. In the opinion of the Degiorgio brothers.

“The offer of a 1 million euro reward for anyone who comes forward was just a game for the culprit to appear a virgin.”

Simply put the government put this offer up as a facade to cover the fact that one or many members of the same government are the masterminds. Fingers here point at Keith Schembri. Did Dr. Joseph Muscat willingly choose to cover up the culprit? Was he aware of this criminal network in his government? Or is Dr. Muscat another player in the ring?

The Degiorgios stress that those involved in Daphne’s murder are prominent political individuals in high positions holding ministerial jobs. They already mentioned Carmelo Abela and Chris Cardona. They added Keith Schembri. Thus we have the triangle forming. Are there more? Yes. The Degiorgios add that there is the former Commissioner of Police Lawrence Cutajar as well as police officers in high posts involvement of lawyers and persons of trust. How many masterminds are there in the assassination of Daphne? May the Degiorgios give us more names. The Maltese people want the names.

Do you understand how these filthy wealthy unscrupulous criminal psychopaths who go around dressed in suit and tie and who are your neighbour your politician your cop your lawyer your judge your magistrate your officer in the army etc are all tied together in a secret society plotting criminal activities like the assassination of Daphne the HSBC heist in 2010 the hold-up of the security van carrying money which took place in Santa Venera the three bombs that left individuals badly injured between 2012 and 2017 and God knows how many more there are? These psychopaths pay the street criminals to do the dirty job for them for their nefarious devilish agendas! These psychopaths steal people’s money and kill anyone they deem is stepping upon their toe!

Finally they add that although they have spoken to senior Inspector Joseph Mercieca who passed on the information to his superiors no action was taken because they do not want the people to know and “the authorities do not wish them to be solved.” Are these superiors being ordered or threatened not to investigate or are these superiors part of the criminal masonic ring? Moreover why didn’t Inspector Keith Arnaud Matthew Caruana Galizia’s hero pass on sensitive information to the Commissioner of Police the Advocate General the Cabinet and the President of Malta? Again are these the orders or is this part of the pact?

Dear readers do you now meet me on the bridge in the blog where I wrote: “I remind Delia that the name of the ex-politician Chris Cardona has often come up. Nevertheless Delia’s plan is to have Yorgen Fenech taken to the gallows without even using his brain to question why are all those involved in the ring from the (maybe freemason) members of the police force to the (maybe freemason) politician/s to the (maybe freemason) court lawyer/s judge/s and magistrate/s holding back in arresting the mastermind/s of Daphne Caruana Galizia’s assassination who might be for all we know a fellow freemason or freemasons of theirs.

“Don’t you see this kind of networking coming out in the press release of the Degiorgio brothers? Shall we bet that the reason why Daphne was assassinated is because as I also wrote: “Freemasonry and Freemasons were often under attack by the pen of Daphne Caruana Galizia. Among such names one finds lawyer Arthur Azzopardi ex-minister Manuel Mallia and former magistrate Carol Peralta.” Was she getting on this criminal Freemason network’s nerves or was she going to expose something new about them?

This proves that as I have often pointed out we are at the stage when and where the masonic infiltration is complete at every tier of society and that evil-doing will be done with impunity in broad daylight and goes unpunished. Isn’t this what Daphne saw before me when her last statement before she was killed was “There are crooks everywhere we look now. The situation is desperate.” Did she see this masonic infiltration of criminal freemasons at every tier of society including at the heart of her family?

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