The Animal Welfare shares a poster of a dog which is up for adoption when the same dog has been adopted a month ago! Does this department know what it is doing?

The Office of the Commission for Animal Welfare has put up a post on its Facebook page inviting interested people to call for a dog called Maxi who is up for adoption:

However it is interesting to read in the comments that this dog was recognised by Althea Galea the manager of the MSPCA as having been adopted. This is confirmed by the owner who states that she adopted him on the 6th of April! A comment also states that this has happened again but for a dog who had passed away!

I would like to take this opportunity to invite all those who would like to adopt a dog whose dog has passed away or who are still thinking of adopting one to call the Animal Welfare Department and pay a visit. You do not need to choose – usually the dog will choose you.

Here are some dogs at Għammieri which you can see on the Facebook page “Rescued is my favourite breed – Lulu Arpa.” Of course the dogs are not to blame for the department’s inefficiency but this site thanks the volunteers who give their time with love to these dogs.

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