Yesterday 9th May I stopped by a pet shop on my way home to buy some stuff for my dogs. And while going round my eyes fell on the following new biscuits for dogs:

These packets made in Holland come in two sizes: that of 30g and 45g and underneath the name Bugbone one can see written “Made with Insect Protein”. I do not know if these are found on the shelves of other pet shops and I do not know if other pet items made with insect protein are being sold in other shops.

This confirms what this site has published:

For now they have started with the pet food. Since they are already available in our country only a few months after the EU approved the cricket flour this shows that insects in our food have been in the pipeline much before the EU’s approval. Soon you will find insect protein in your food as it is already abroad so make sure you read all the ingredients in new food items on the market unless you want to become sick with its parasites.

The future of your food is in the bugs.

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