According to Saviour Balzan, “Norman Lowell and his party should be banned and not allowed to stand in any election, let alone appear on TV or radio or a blog.” Are you referring to my late blogs, dear Saviour, whereby I published the policies that are being proposed by Norman Lowell and his party, by any chance?

Are you referring to my website, by any chance, Saviour? Do you think that you have the right to tell me what to publish?

Dear readers, what do you make of this statement from Balzan in his article titled ‘Our short memories’: “a mixture of short memory, moronic thinking and lethargic political appointees is what makes the Broadcasting Authority consider Norman Lowell and his political party Imperium Europa normal,” and “Norman Lowell a former bank manager and martial arts teacher, is not a newcomer to controversy. He has been found guilty of inciting violence against journalists and politicians. He has also been found guilty of racism.”

Isn’t this arrogant and another symptom of die-hard communist thinking? Can you see the brazen hypocrisy? So, it is fine for Saviour Balzan and Malta Today to trumpet their narrative, to deviate the public from the truth, and to advocate for abortion, but, according to Balzan the Saviour, others do not have a right to stand in any election, appear on TV, radio or a blog. You really have to have a face and arse of the same construction, to write so!

Saviour Balzan, you might disagree with Norman Lowell, but doing what you stated is not part of democratic practice.

Balzan sides with the media’s narrative when it comes to the fine that Andrew Azzopardi was given regarding his statement about Normal Lowell while on air, but Balzan also calls for an anti-racist policy and says that for Lowell to be given airtime is indeed a problem. If it were Norman Lowell who was fined by the BA, Balzan would have said that this decision is the fruit of a right policy, that freedom of speech is absolute, and that journalists do not need to show their middle finger to the BA!

Balzan also calls Lowell ‘a racist and hater.’ Dear Saviour, so in the venom that one can feel being spit out while reading your article, don’t you think that the way Lowell is being talked of is one of hatred?

In addition, can you define the word ‘racist’ for me, dear Saviour? What is someone who does not stand up for the rights of the Maltese nation called? Did you proclaim yourself as another avid supporter of the Kalergi plan in the cold genocide that is being pushed, promoted, and enforced on the Maltese people by the communists? Are you a communist, Saviour Balzan?

And then here comes the cherry on the cake: “Freedom of speech is not absolute, as we have learned from experience, and Lowell’s banal and ludicrous statements have always pushed a bigoted narrative against humanity. We as journalists have an obligation to show our middle finger to the BA for its wrong policy.” First, freedom of speech goes both ways. Secondly, Saviour, it is the mainstream media, and that includes your media, which has been pushing a bigoted narrative against the Maltase nation and humanity for years now! Why is it that the communists think that only they have a right to speak and only others are to be banned, except them? Why don’t we have local media and journalists who are patriotic?

And yet they come out shouting for the ‘Rule of Law.’

What an article that made me want to puke! Dear Saviour, rather than criticizing Lowell, you ought to consider why he is gaining more and more followers. Regardless of how you feel about it, the great majority of EU citizens, including the Maltese people, do not want illegal immigration. If Lowell and his kind are succeeding so well throughout the EU, it is because citizens are turning to those who will listen to them when they have concerns. Indeed, there is unrestricted freedom of speech. If you disagree with someone’s arguments, you should not shut them up; instead, you should refute them, keep quiet, or debate them.

Dear Saviour, do you know who should be banned? All those journalists who lick the arse of the politicians, the lobbyists, and the businessmen so that they can enjoy privileges, get some radio and television programmes, and other huge benefits:

Some journalists also have ‘close’ friendships with others:

Dear Saviour, are you feeling the pressure that the far-right movement, not only locally but even in other countries, is gaining popularity, and thus, you now want to make sure to tarnish Normal Lowell because you have a lot to lose?

I repeat: there is no political ideology that I favour or am inclined to uphold, but I believe in freedom of thought and freedom of expression without using such arguments according to the dictates of hypocrisy!

Dear Saviour, real democracy is not about banning people who play a tune that is not music to our ears. Real democracy is about being exposed to everything and educating the people about everything. Then it is up to the people to decide. Instead, the media gives the people one narrative, moulding and manipulating their thoughts to make them pass through the same manipulative funnel!

Dear Saviour, only a joke or an excuse of a journalist is so quick to write about banning people with opposing views when the same journalist trumpets his narrative as the correct one, which should be accepted and imposed on the people. As a journalist, you should have learned by now to address and discuss issues properly.

And that journalist who is himself in bed with the most corrupt government, receiving hefty sums of money, should be the one ‘who must not copy and mimick and speak’ because the inconvenient truth is that which he does not want to hear!

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