The attack on trees continues. This time it is the turn of those beautiful ones on Valley Road, Msida.

After extensive consultation with stakeholders, they are now telling us that the beautiful, 145 ficus trees in Valley Road Msida will undergo three phases of pruning.

Is this part of yet another anti-environmental, green agenda and policy, by any chance?

Is it going to be another massacre, like the one executed on the Mosta trees? Don’t the authorities realise what the impact will be on the trees? Isn’t the blanket directive to cut back the trees by six meters idiotic?

Why has the Labour government turned into a tree destroyer?

Valley Road, Msida, is the only canopied road we have, which seems to be going to be ruined.

When is this disgrace of a government going to do one good thing?!

It’s nothing short of vandalism.

Dear Maltese nation, never forget what they are doing whenever they trumpet the climate change narrative and enforce the green policies on you while you pay the eco-tax, so that you make up for the eco-harm done by the government.

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