European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen is advocating that we all should have Digital IDs because the future will be digital, and apparently, they have decided for us that we should not have privacy. She claims that the IDs will be a real booster for emerging economies. She said that the trick is to build public digital infrastructure that is interoperable, open to all, and trusted.

In his comments on an interview by Fox News, Nigel Farage, the former Brexit party leader, said:

“Well, it is about control, isn’t it. I think this is the most glaring example we have ever seen from a very prominent world leader. Von der Leyen is the President of the European Commission. 450 million people live within that union, and, oh, by the way, she is unelected. She is appointed. And here she is, brazenly saying we need a digital ID card or app on our phones. Bear in mind, France and Germany are already trying this. She wants this to be enforced by the early 2030s, and, may I add, backed up by a central bank digital currency, living in a cashless society, and now she wants the whole new thing to go global. Can you imagine? On this ID card, will be not just your date of birth, your gender, your eye colour, your height, your approximate weight, but there will be your vaccine status, your financial status, and goodness knows what else will be on that card. Can you imagine this data falling into the hands of bad actors? And if you think about it, I know somebody who has recently been debanked as a result of his political opinion, and as you know, this is happening in America too.

If we’re not careful, we head towards a Chinese-style social credit system where, unless you go along with the views of the day, you become a non-person.”


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