The Rothschilds Today (part two)

“The name of the building is Opus 1, which means the First Work. Its cover, or front, for the temple is that it is a winery. The winery operates very strangely for a legitimate winery. The entire project of buying the land, building Opus 1, and operating it, has been shrouded in secrecy. The wineries in California, open traditionally and normally, are open to the public. The opening ceremonies of Opus 1 were shrouded in secrecy. The opening announcement was low-key, and only select people and select international media types were invited. This opening is extremely unusual for a winery in the Napa Valley area. Private guided tours are very hard to obtain at Opus 1, in contrast to the other wineries in the Napa Valley.

Further, the estate that the winery (temple) sits is very protected and secluded. The wrought iron gates are always closed. However, I was able to get a first hand report from a group of three that managed to view Opus 1. During the tour, this group saw many occult and satanic items, and yet large areas of the winery (temple) were closed off to even this private group. The winery is not constructed even remotely similar to any winery in the U.S. The project began as a joint venture between Robert Mondavi and Baron Rothschild in 1979. The land was secretly purchased, and in the late 1960s construction quietly began using contractors from far away. Strangely, the Napa Valley Register, which reports on all building activity, remained extremely quiet about what was being built.

From the air, the construction forms a masonic square and compass.

On the inside, hidden stairwells and other hidden features have been built. The capstone of the pyramid has a rotunda where skylight penetrates the capstone and where viewers can get a view of the entire Napa Valley. There have been numerous Rothschilds who have entered into the various masonic rites. For instance, Louis Rothschild was a 32-degree Scottish Rite Mason in Chicago during the 1890’s. The reason for this is that freemasonry is used as a type of early class for those who are in the Illuminati to get them familiar with the symbols of the mystery religions and give them more practice with hand signals, rituals, and secrecy. Orchids, which are used by the Mothers of Darkness, are grown all over the area. Orchids are the only type of flower grown on the site, and they are cared for by apparently Mothers of Darkness, who are dressed in all black, which is the standard colour of garb of the Mothers of Darkness.

The pyramid was built with limestone from Texas. No doubt there is some occult significance to the site that the limestone came from. The limestone itself has fossils, which have been hidden from easy view for some reason. (Remember that the ancient Egyptian pyramids used limestone.) Originally, Opus 1 was scheduled to open around the Summer Solstice, but the date was shifted to Weds., Oct. 30, 1991, which is the day before Halloween. Since the opening day, the Rothschilds have had events scheduled around Satanic high days. Those who are familiar with the occult know that these events are covers for Satanic rituals, which are held secretly. The land has wrought iron gates which are locked at all times. Some of the occult items which private visitors saw within the pyramid were: a book on wine depicting orgies by Salvadore Dailey who is a Satanist, a blue-black picture with naked ritual dancers, and other strange occultic pieces of art (such as oil painting of what looked like Satan).

Massive draconian oak doors are built facing the hail that leads to the room where wine is tasted. Mirrors abound in the place. The guilded art work on the mirrors is often Rococo. The Baroness personally designed and furnished the interior. The upside down peace sign is found designed in some of the furniture as barren trees. Two trees of life from Peru are by the fireplace. The tree of life is by the way very important to this level of the Illuminati. The visitors also saw 3 Mouton ceremonial drinking cups with rams, and chairs which had the carvings on the front arms/legs of fully formed demons were found in one of the rooms. The foyer looks like the inside of a snail or ‘corkscrewy.’ Much of the furnishings were purchased by the Baroness Rothschild from the De Medicis. It has various marble floors and tables set with orchids. The stainless steel and the floors in the winery are immaculate. The workers who work there were scrutinised closely before being hired. Originally, the wine workers were required to wear black pants and white shirts, but the workers who had to stomp the grapes were unhappy about the uniform requirements.

I have been trying to follow the Rothschild family with its many branches. Although the Rothschilds are seen as great internationalists, don’t be surprised if some of the people of the Rothschilds seem somewhat middleclass. For instance, in the Millington, mine of Flint, one family dominates the town. This family is the Bauer family. Stan Bauer was a man who mysteriously simply attracted material possessions to himself without any visible source of money. His son, Harold Bauer, a 32-degree mason, sat on the Houghton Lake city council. His next son Terry Bauer was also a mason, and also had a position in local government and was on the school board. His daughter, Barbera Bauer married Jim Hagger who was also a mason who lived in Grand Blanc, south of Flint. There is certainly more that could be said about the satanic Rothschild bloodline, but this is where I will bring this article to a close.”

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