Together with Fr. Marcellino Micallef, during the episode of Andrew Azzopardi on RTK103, there was also the economist Maria Giulia Borg. When she was asked why poverty is on the rise on the Maltese islands, she said that although there was an increase in GDP, this does not say anything “about the distribution of the wealth generated from the increase in production.” In other words, when the Labour government that Malta is doing well economically while referring to the GDP, it is selling you a fairy tale and a lie. While your homeland might be doing well, you are still struggling.

The government does not tell you from where the GDP is being produced either. Giulia Borg mentioned the construction industry as an example, which is a sector that increases GDP. Yet this is a sector that is for the rich, that employs illegal immigrants illegally, and that is also adversely affecting your quality of life.

Borg insisted: “We need to ask not only whether the cake is getting bigger, but also how the cake being shared.” But Dr. Muscat boasts that his priority was to expand the ‘cake’. Who cares if the majority of Maltese people are struggling? And yet the socialist government always promised you that wealth will trickle down. It never did. They eat the cake, no matter how much it expands, while you get the breadcrumbs, if any are left.

“Responding to a question on whether we are heading towards a situation of extreme inequality, Giulia Borg said that if one looks at Malta’s GINI coefficient – the economic indicator that measures inequality, she says that this has indeed increased. She noted that in 2006, this was at 28 but is now at 31.1. She said that this means that although wealth in the country is increasing, inequality between the richest and the poorest is also increasing.” Because the Great Reset is also about transferring wealth from the plebs to the businessmen:

Let us not forget that it all started with a boogey-man virus that ushered in the economic and biological reset, which is what the world is going through today and which I have warned about since 2020. Do not forget that the people who shut down your businesses and killed your livelihood will continue to ask you to re-elect them so that they can keep obeying the orders of their puppeteers while they keep their jobs, big salaries, and offices. Do not ever forget what they have done to you. The lockdowns were a huge success for their ulterior motive to start the collapse of the economy and bring a currency reset for more surveillance. But first, everyone must have a digital ID. And before that, everyone must take yearly, obligatory vaccinations.

Do not forget that the government has shifted priorities due to the exaggeratedly high levels of debt it is incurring at the expense of the well-being of the Maltese people. Then, on the other hand, the international financial institutions have turned governments and people into their interests’ slaves, All decisions taken by the government are now in favour of the globalist elite and the international financial institutions. We, the people, are not the government’s priority. Any government decision is not in our favour. So, the government is indirectly forced to send billions of euros offshore, repay the debts, and destroy European identity so that we become the greatest slaves.

Do not forget that socialism leads to communism.

It has all been brought into the open by design with the counterfeit lifting of the veil to dismantle the old system and usher in their New Age false utopia.

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