How the Great Reset is transferring wealth from the plebs to the businessmen

How are you enjoying the Great Reset?

They told you that the high cost of living and the inflated prices is because of the Ukraine-Russia conflict. The Labour government has turned into a fairytale sending you that annual cheque which is nothing but another distraction to distracts you from the fact that items, most specially, food items, are rising in cost by the minute.

Are you seeing food prices being stabilized?

Do you feel that your purchasing power is being eroded? Do you have to work two jobs to make ends meet? Do you have to make more sacrifices in order to make it through the month?

Are you managing to pass by until the end of the month or are you struggling?

Are you enjoying the Great Reset, which strictly speaking, started with COVID-19? Many people don’t seem to understand the engineered Russia/Ukraine war and the sinister people and organizations involved in this phase of the great biological, economic and financial reset of humanity. Many people still refuse to connect the dots. Or they just cannot see them. Do you understand that we are not going through a cost-of-living crisis but we are going through a cost of lockdowns crisis? Where do you think they got all the money to pay all those who sat at home? They just created it out of thin air, which diluted the value of all the currency that was already in circulation, which drove all the prices up. It’s Economics 101, in a deliberate plan to impoverish people, because they need the majority poor, desperate and utterly dependent on government handouts and cheques, so that they can usher in more of their plan.

Because COVID-19 was a well-planned and coordinated global effort to manufacture a crisis that would be a financial opportunity at our cost. The so-called pandemic was the biggest daylight robbery in human history. But is it at everyone’s cost?

The Great Reset is not for everyone. There are those who will become richer.

So is the case with Maypole Group which has announced “the opening of its first burger joint, named F’IDI.” Maypole Group is one of Malta’s most prominent bakery outlets.

I have no issue with businessmen expanding their business especially when it comes from hard work and dedication. I know the Maypole family personally as I grew up in Qormi where they started their small traditional bakery to now have a number of outlets spread around all Malta. They are a very humble and hard-working family.

But it seems like the food prices which have shot off the roof for the consumers, have not made it harder for business people involved in the food industry. If businessmen are opening one outlet after the other, it is crystal clear that they are making more profit.

It is also important to note that many, if not all, of Maypole outlets employ foreigners so one wonders if this is serving as a good strategy for the businessmen for more profit making and business expansion.

It is a pity that the consuming plebs cannot say the same about their purchasing power and wealth thanks to the industrial energy crisis, the artificial food shortages, and the deliberate sabotage of global supply chains. This is more authoritarian control over the peasant class.

The Great Reset will see the transfer of wealth from the plebs to the businessmen. While the first struggle, the second will rejoice.

You would need to be a special kind of stupid not to understand by now that big changes are coming upon this world. Some, but, do understand:

Charles Koch once stated “the elected officials would do well to remember that the most prosperous countries are those that allow consumers, not governments, to direct the use of resources. Allowing the government to pick winners and losers hurts almost everyone, especially our poorest citizens.”

When the elected officials chose to push the narrative of COVID-19 and the engineered Russia/Ukraine war, they have picked up the winners and the losers. The plebs are definitely not the latter.

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