During an episode of Andrew Azzopardi on RTK103, Fr. Marcellino Micallef, who leads Valletta’s The Soup Kitchen, said that people in Malta are now forced to decide between purchasing food or prescription drugs due to financial constraints.

When Professor Andrew Azzopardi questioned Fr. Marcellino about why poverty is rising in Malta despite the country’s favourable economic statistics, he underlined that it is preferable to discuss this problem in terms of the impoverished rather than in terms of poverty. He claimed that poverty results from losing one’s dignity. He mentioned, for instance, that 20,500 people in Malta are illiterate, which he claims is both a hidden ailment in our society and a sign of poverty.

Fr. Marcellino added that the planet produces enough food for 15 billion people, which indicates that the issue is one of distribution rather than lack of food. “When you only pay attention to profit, as we see happening in our society, in the short term, then the situation becomes dangerous for everyone,” he said.

There is no scarcity in the world. There has always been more than enough for everyone. God created a perfect world where everyone can be prosperous. It is the evil elite who have manipulated and created a grid that their puppet, incompetent, cowardly politicians then execute. And the grid-like system, designed for slavery purposes, did not allow humanity to be taught how to be self-sufficient and grow its own food.

“From our experiences in the soup kitchen, we’ve reached a situation where people need to make a choice between food and medicines. This is the direction that society is moving towards,” he insisted. He stated that it is untrue that poor people cause poverty.

Additionally, he pointed out that not all medications are free and that people who need medications that aren’t covered by the government programme may have to pay hefty prices. He noted that helping with prescription prices is one of the services provided by the soup kitchen. This is what happens when natural therapies have been wiped out by the mafia, Big Pharma, which preys on sick people. Humanity is not being taught how to be independent of conventional medicine, which is poison and which does not target the root cause but just treats the symptom.

Fr. Marcellino also mentioned the mistreatment of international employees, who frequently have up to 35% of their wages taken by agencies. This is in addition to the €3,000 they spend to sign their contract and the €6,000 or even €10,000 they pay to travel to Malta, he pointed out. These labourers frequently reside in cramped apartments with over eleven occupants. If they have that amount of money to travel to Malta, then it means that they are financially stable. But on the other hand, this situation is creating a lot of disadvantages for the Maltese people, who should be a priority in their homeland.

Businesses are flourishing because of the fact that they employ international employees with low salaries. This is all part of greedflation.

According to Fr. Marcellino, the population at risk of poverty is “exploding.”

Let us not forget that it all started with a boogey-man virus that ushered in the economic and biological reset, which is what the world is going through today and which I have warned about since 2020:

Do not forget that the people who shut down your businesses and killed your livelihood will continue to ask you to re-elect them so that they can keep obeying the orders of their puppeteers while they keep their jobs, big salaries, and offices. Do not ever forget what they have done to you. The lockdowns were a huge success for their ulterior motive to start the collapse of the economy and bring a currency reset for more surveillance. But first, everyone must have a digital ID. And before that, everyone must take yearly, obligatory vaccinations.

Do not forget that the government has shifted priorities due to the exaggeratedly high levels of debt it is incurring at the expense of the well-being of the Maltese people. Then, on the other hand, the international financial institutions have turned governments and people into their interests’ slaves, All decisions taken by the government are now in favour of the globalist elite and the international financial institutions. We, the people, are not the government’s priority. Any government decision is not in our favour. So, the government is indirectly forced to send billions of euros offshore, repay the debts, and destroy European identity so that we become the greatest slaves.

It has all been brought into the open by design with the counterfeit lifting of the veil to dismantle the old system and usher in their New Age false utopia.

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