“Look at this. Boy attacks teacher over Pokemon. Here in Lakeland Florida there was a young boy who had a deck of Pokemon cards and he was passing them around the class and the woman teacher noticed that they were paying more attention to Pokemon than they were to her. So she waited for the deck to get back to this young man and then she walked over and grabbed that deck out of his hand. He got up and struck her dead in the face with his fists. And of course he got called in on the Principal’s carpet, in the office. They called for the parents. The parents came to pick him up. Do you know what he told his father? ‘They were trying to steal my powers.’

Our kids are taught to believe that these things actually have supernatural ability. And that they can call on them anytime they want to, because their material states that. In this book, it tells your child ‘You have the power at your fingertips. So use it.’ And that’s what they’re doing. This game is a war designed to attack our children’s minds, their very character. And if it gets into our homes, it will wreck family life, in one way, shape or form. This stuff is nothing more than adulterated witchcraft. It is put in a child’s form designed to attack the child, and the parents, and the entire family that this thing is associated with. That’s exactly what it’s designed to do and that’s what it does.

Pokemon is a step to bigger and better things in the occult. And I have to wonder sometime when a grade school child is going to do what the weeping bell razor leaf Pokemon card says: ‘It spits out poison powder to immobilize the enemy and then finishes the enemy with a spray of acid.’ And these cards cost anywhere from seven dollars to nine dollars per single pack. And there are reports after reports of children going into their parents’ pocketbook and stealing money to go out and buy these cards. What is the purpose? What is the magic that’s behind the whole game of Pokemon?

I think by looking at it in that realm and looking at the way that we’ve looked at it, I don’t see it as being something that is beneficial to our children. I don’t see it as being something that it’s going to help our family grow. And I surely don’t see it as something that’s going to help get the child established in the ways of the Lord. This is totally the opposite. Remember that the whole goal in all these role-playing games and especially in Pokemon, is to become the Master.”

You can watch the lecture here.

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