In more recent years, the Holodomor has been recognized by more than a dozen countries as a genocide.

In fact, Raphael Lemkin, the researcher who coined the term ‘genocide,’ applied it to Ukraine on the basis of four reasons. The first being the extermination of intellectuals which included the liquidation, imprisonment or deportation of teachers, writers, artists, thinkers, and political leaders: “It is conservatively estimated that at least 75% of the Ukrainian intellectuals and professional men in Western Ukraine, Carpatho-Ukraine and Bukovina have been brutally exterminated by the Russians (ibid., Summer 1949). The second reason being the destruction of churches and priests. The third reason is the starvation of farmers and the fourth reason is the fragmentation of the Ukrainian people through resettlement.

But the government of Russia has yet to acknowledge any historical responsibility for the famine. It has falsely maintained that the famine had hit Russia just as hard.

Today, similar tactics of disinformation are being used to mould the masses’ opinion on the Russia/Ukraine War, the War in Israel, the COVID-19 vaccine genocide, the war on farmers and the war on food, amongst a list of evil agendas.

Clearly, the war on farmers we are experiencing now has already happened, decimating millions of Russians and Ukrainians. The Holodomor was an entirely Jewish Bolshevik created famine which cost the lives of millions of innocent people. Today, the same Satanic Elite is perpetrating genocide via the current wars we have, while attempting to exterminate the majority of humanity via the COVID-19 vaccines, the war on farmers and the war on food, so that they can usher in their world while they control the remaining survivors.

The Holodomor is the blueprint for what is happening today. Will the war on farmers and the current disruption in supply chains bring about food shortages and famine?

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