Under communism, your black bag is now transparent with mandatory laws from ERA in cahoots with the BCRS scheme

As from the first of July, you will be living in a country in which communism is taking a tighter grip of you because now you are being ordered to change your black blag, which is currently being used for the collection of mixed waste, into a transparent one.

Gwida.mt gave you the orders: “Waste separation is an important obligation that should be taken seriously.” Waste separation and the biggest polluters on the planet are the corporations and the industries. And yet, it is your fault, and it is you who are being controlled, “to ensure a proper separation” from you. This change is happening so that communism keeps on getting hold of you with new laws on the MANDATORY separation of waste and it was brought forth to you with compliments from the ERA (Environment Raping Authority) and “efforts by entities like the BCRS” (Best Communist Rapist Service).

Keep on tagging along, masses, while you think that all this is normal. First it was the black bag – then it was the black bag and the grey bag – then it was the black bag, the grey bag, and the organic bag – then you were ordered to take bags with you when you shop; if you don’t, you are charged (taxed) for any bag that the store gives you – then plastic bags were discontinued in stores – then you were ordered to line up next to the BCRS machines to ‘recycle’ your plastic bottles so that they are ‘recycled’ by the same corporations that will resell them to you and charge you again (tax you) for them so that you line up again next to the BCRS machines – now you are being ordered to change the black bag into a transparent one. Now your waste will be monitored, and if you commit a mistake, you are taxed.

Keep on tagging along, masses, thinking that this is the world that we are born into and that there is no other way for how it should be.

Keep on tagging along, masses, accepting that you are just a meaningless little servile slave, a little worm, when the authorities demand to you to execute and obey their orders. Speaking of authority— masses – when will you understand that there is no such thing as authority? It is an entirely made up concept because no human is your leader. But you want to have a master, so to keep on being turned into the slave that you already are. Liberty begins in the way you view yourself when you free your mind.

Keep on tagging along, masses, because you are comfortable living in a welfare-surveillance state that is monitoring you more and more by the minute.

Keep on tagging along, masses, because you cannot understand that this recycling business is another booming one while they create a new world religion based on a form of earth worship.

Keep on tagging along, masses, while the mafia corporations are the ones that dump all the garbage down but you are happy giving your money to these same mafia businesses which get all the material for free so that they repackage it and resell it, with the blessing of a pro-business government – while they are becoming richer with this great booming business, you are funding it all, masses, with your tax money. And with you, you are tagging along all of us who are in the knowledge.

Keep on screwing us, masses.

X (Formerly Twitter)