Communism is becoming more generous while expanding its grip through the latest announcements about the BCRS scheme.

Communism is becoming more generous while expanding its grip.

Times of Malta has informed us that while speaking at a technical briefing about the country’s progress and future plans for waste management organised by the Environment Ministry Circular Economy Malta CEO Jason Vella showed how the Maltese citizens and anyone residing on this little island was forced to comply and be obedient citizens after being taxed 10c on each bottle so to have machines crush their plastic bottles which are then collected in plastic bags by the lobbying companies which enjoy their tax havens:

“People are accepting the scheme and making use of the machines. If things keep going in this direction the targets that have been set for the first year of operation will very likely be reached ” he said.

Wasn’t crushing the plastic bottles and taking them out in the grey bags what the people used to do before? And what other choice were the people given after being ripped off 10c on every plastic bottle even those that the BCRS scheme does not accept!!

But in order to thank you for complying Jason Vella has announced that communism will now install ten new larger BCRS machines which are capable of accepting bottles in bulk so that communism does not make you wait in the queue in the scorching upcoming summer months. This is how communism rewards compliance and conformity. And ten is not a big number either considering the number of towns and villages we have.
Vella wants to make the public swallow the fact that this scheme is a success after so much lobbying behind it:

“Despite the BCRS scheme still being in its early stages with the machines going live on November 14 last year the operators have been collecting an average of 300 000 bottles every day with the figure climbing to around half a million containers on several occasions.”

And what can the people do after being ripped off 10c on every plastic bottle even those that the BCRS scheme does not accept!!

And why has no government ever made our tap water good to drink from?

And why isn’t the government offering cheap alternatives for households to have a filtering system installed in their homes if space permits it without forgetting that such systems are unaffordable for those with low income and they do come with a quarterly maintenance!

Lovin Malta of the mainstream coalition reported that “although recycling has been on the national agenda for many years the latest data published by Eurostat showed that only 10% of all plastic packaging was recycled in Malta in 2020 compared to the average of 38% across Europe” and gives a free sponsor to BCRS by stating that “fortunately the BCRS scheme is now up and running which should hopefully improve the situation.”

Excuse me but firstly we had Times of Malta blaming Yorgen Fenech behind such scheme which I very doubt is true and now the local media is praising this scheme!

Secondly the BCRS scheme does not accept all kinds of plastic bottles for which all shops are charging 10c. This means that you are all being double screwed! This is illegal theft made legal with the consent of the government on the nation’s people!

Thirdly in the same article Lovin Malta makes a big gaff when it states that the problems in Malta lie in the fact that we do not have a system to treat bioplastics and that there are loopholes in the system like still allowing the use of plastic cups and the lack of having compostable bioplastic packaging. And I also add the observation that often waste refuse collectors put everything in the same truck when these should be separated! Companies were imposed to recycle their waste under the new strategy only since 2020. So why is the population being punished?

In the same breath communism reminds you that it is placing greater emphasis on enforcement “particularly with mandatory waste seperation coming into effect next month.” This is what Environment Resources Authority CEO Kevin Mercieca was reported stating by the same above-mentioned article of TOM. So communism has doubled the enforcement staff last year with inspections rising to around 5 000 in 2022 from the 4 000 in 2021.
This is how communism infiltrates: slowly but surely without you realising it.

But communism reminds you that although it will punish you for any illegality as the 700 occasions illegalities which were found last year it is doing so to educate you and for now the Environment Resources Authority is only “focusing on a warning system” as stated by Kevin Mercieca. This is where in communism education is used as a means to teach you how to obey orders so that Malta becomes a society helplessly dependant on authority desperately magnetized by tyranny and hopelessly afraid of freedom.

The solutions are always dumped on the people. This is part of the global climate change tyranny which will make Covid-19 look like a walk in the park.

These BCRS machines are not only an eyesore to the surrounding environment but they consume space. But we can all scream and shout that they are surely turning into an asset to the environment:

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