Times of Malta’s opinionists are doing an injustice to this country – “Let the good times roll- Alan Zelt.”

The Times of Malta should see that when it publishes opinions of its elected opinionists at least they are creative and come up with new interpretations without resorting to copying what others write.

And what’s worse is that those opinionists never admit that they have read blogs in this site and at least mention such blogs and counter argue them. This site thanks the Times of Malta’s opinionists for their readership.

This is what the article by a certain Alan Zelt shows titled “Let the good times roll – Alan Zelt”. Alan Zelt is described by the Times as a former entrepreneur an expat living in Malta and although he resorts to speaking up for a Maltese lawbreaker like Mark Camilleri he writes a photo blog for friends around the world extolling the beauty of Malta. The beauty of Malta will be better extolled when the coalition of Camilleri the Repubblichini Manuel Delia and the Caruana Galizias leave this country for good. This is when we can have the start where we can say “let the good times roll”. And if we have to expand this feel good factor philosophy and allow it to roll further the good times will roll for the world when all the corrupt politicians turned businessmen stop working for a bigger bunch of businessmen and the Elites and start giving shit about their nations’ people. Super better times will roll when the truth about the pseudo-Covid19 pandemic will come out and the world can watch the name and shame game of the culprits.

He starts his article with “I haven’t had this much fun reading the news all day every day since I was enthralled by watching the Watergate hearings in Washington back in 1973.” Really? Did you need a Mark Camilleri to make you laugh? On the contrary I have had a lot of fun reading the news for a long time now – watching how the mainstream media leads the masses by the nose. And I had some good laugh for example each time Dr Fearne spoke about the ‘pandemic’ or Covid-19 vaccines or when we had the saga of Jason Azzopardi. It is a pity that Mr Zelt did not have a sense of humour back then.

Then Zelt parrots the same uncreative usual statement of the coalition: “The first thing everyone noticed was that issue spawned a whole cottage industry with none other than the president of the Labour Party Ramona Attard at once taking up the cudgel by bashing Camilleri for misogyny.” I am not going to go into this again. I have made my point loud and clear. Zelt justifies the actions of Mark Camilleri the lawbreaker with these words:

“So how does one make the connection to the WhatsApp farce ongoing? Well it started off typically for Malta. Rosianne Cutajar decided to sue Mark Camilleri for defamation. And in response Camilleri later released the WhatsApp chats. How he obtained them is another can of worms. But since he was put in the position of putting up or shutting up he released them on his website.One can only wonder why her lawyers didn’t muzzle her before that. My guess is that they had not seen the chats up to that point.”

Dear Mr Zelt you should more focus then on how he obtained these chats which is not merely another can of worms but it is the biggest can of worms in this hyped-story leaked out by someone who thinks that his successor as an Executive Chairman of the National Book Council “is a little worm whose feet are too small for my shoes” while he himself is being the worm who wants to live in his targeted hosts. And for Zelt to justify Camilleri’s actions is a dangerous unobjective thing to do.

Mr Zelt you should wonder as to how Camilleri’s lawyers didn’t muzzle him after that.

Mr Zelt is being biased and subjective and is not doing this nation any justice albeit he writes a photo blog for friends around the world extolling the beauty of Malta. What double-standards! The world does not need to be reminded of whatever beautiful is left of this country. We need people to speak up for its people by reserving harsh words of judgment towards those doing the oppressing and condemning any lawbreakers!

And then here comes the “funniest” part which has joined my other moments when I have fun at reading media articles:

“Didn’t George Orwell say it best when in Animal Farm he stated that “All animals are equal but some animals are more equal than others”? The sentence is a comment on the hypocrisy of governments that proclaim the absolute equality of their citizens but give power and privileges to a small elite.”

I don’t know why but somehow I got reminded of two pieces published in this site:

in which one finds the following paragraph: “He reminds me of how the pigs in George Orwell’s “Animal Farm” corrupted Animalism and reduced all the seven commandments to one “All animals are equal but some animals are more equal than others” or we can say “All foxes are equal but a sly fox and the crookedandcronycult.com are more equal than others.””

Is it a coincidence to have a Times of Malta article quoting what this site had already quoted? But what can one expect from Times of Malta?
And what is funnier in Zelt’s above quoted paragraph is his statement “The sentence is a comment on the hypocrisy of governments that proclaim the absolute equality of their citizens but give power and privileges to a small elite.” It is what is happening to the Woke the Repubblichini Manuel Delia the Caruana Galizias and Mark Camilleri no? Don’t you see them as thinking they have privileges and power over the nation?

In no way am I saying that we don’t have politicians who view themselves this way but then we must call a spade a spade.

The dangerous part of this article is Zelt’s statement “Can’t wait to see what will come next.” Albeit Zelt might be referring to Prime Minister Robert Abela’s next move this statement stands ironically in the light of what Newsbook has reported that Mark Camilleri the lawbreaker said that there are more chats and information that he is going to release.

This means that the lawbreaker is going to continue breaking the law and this is a typical context when an animal thinks that he is more equal than others because he is above the law which not only confirms that he is not going to be muzzled after that but also confirms what I wrote in the statement “therefore Mark will commit any act of treachery to achieve his goals!”

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