The Government of Justin Trudeau is funding a drag queen camp for kids while prohibiting the parents from protesting against drag queen shows.

“A Vancouver theatre that receives taxpayer funding from provincial federal and local governments is hosting a drag queen campfor kids as young as seven where adults groom them to become drag performers.”

The Carousel Theatre for Young People is advertising a “Junior Drag Camp” for ages 7 to 11 and a “Teen Drag Camp” for ages 12 to 17 this July. Details can be seen on their website

According to the event website each child will receive a starter kit for drag makeup.

Data on grants from the Government of Canada show that the Carousel Theatre has received $280 849 in federal funding since 2018. The British Columbia Arts Council Granville Island the Canada Council for the Arts the City of Vancouver and others are listed as supporters of the theater.
Drag queen gatherings that include kids have generated debate becoming a controversial issue both in Canada and elsewhere. Parents are protesting their opposition to drag shows for kids all over Canada. The legacy media however claims that there is a “crisis of hate” right now. A reminder that a Canadian student who claimed that there are only two genders was suspended from class and arrested.

There have been both critics and supporters of drag queen story times where drag performers read to children in libraries.

But the government of Justin Trudeau one for all and all for one for freedom expression is not making it impossible for parents to protest against what it decides to do with their children.

Calgary’s City Council has voted for a bylawwhich limited drag queen protests around public spaces.

This bylaw forbids “specific protests” from occurring within 100 meters of a facility operated by the city or another designated location like a library.
The government of Justin Trudeau is prohibiting parents from protesting and raising their voice for what they deem is best for children while finds no scruples in using the parents’ taxpaying money to fund this drag queen abomination camp for their children.

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