Jason Azzopardi the Devil’s Advocate.

Crooks and cronies of a crookery crook together. Jot it down as the latest invented proverb in the English language but which describes exactly how the local coalition works.

Here comes Jason Azzopardi by profession a lawyer who is going to defend the clients whose private information was spread on a social media video by No Deposit Cars company. So are these of a private matter now Azzopardi? So what makes Rosianne’s and Yorgen’s chats not private?

Jason Azzopardi does like Mark Camilleri, who like a hypocritical narcissist carries the fire in one hand and water in the other.

For Azzopardi what this site writes that this was a private matter is irrelevant to him. It is also a matter which one should stop talking about and write about even though in the same breath he admits that this was an intimate/personal/private moment of the two people involved. So he does admit that these chats were of a private matter doesn’t he? But do you want to see a clear sign and proof of hypocrisy? When Azzopardi’s extra-marital affair was leaked out, this is what Azzopardi is reported saying in an article by Malta Today:


So what is personal for him is not personal for Rosianne and Yorgen Fenech! This is again the kind of attitude that makes me want to puke and squirm at such impostures’ postures!

What if we had the exposure of the chats between him and Tumas Group? What if we had the exposure of the chats between his lover and himself about the free holiday they were paid by the Tumas Group? La kulħadd jitħanzer mela nieħdu holiday b’xejn u mmorru nitolbu x’taħseb? Or we meet entrepreneur Nazzareno Vassallo and assure him of a “compromise” over the value of land in Qormi where the former Lowenbrau brewery stood? Or we turn into a Samaritan it-tajjeb and allow abusive developers to retain a building that illegally protruded onto government land and grant them a €425 000 ‘discount’? Or we breach the law ourselves in striking a deal to expropriate the land in Fekruna Bay no?

Hekk jagħmlu l-allat meta jitħanżru u jitfewqu f’wiċċ il-poplu.

Interesting is his statement: “Ieqfu tkelmu fuq iċ-ċuċati u iffukaw ftit fuq x’inhu gravi u li ġie żvelat u ikkonfermat.” In fact this is what this site has been doing and this is what we should truly focus on dear readers of good faith who try to see matters objectively. We should focus like this site has pointed out on the fact that Mark Camilleri has broken the law and exposed chats on which there is an ongoing case in court. This is what is gravi! And Azzopardi as a practising lawyer should know better!

If Azzopardi wasn’t a lawyer I might have understood that he does not know about the Data Protection Act (GDPR) and that to publish chats when you have a divjit is illegal! For a lawyer to agree that the law can be broken by some but is then accusing a company of his clients he is defending of breaching the same law that he agreed Camilleri should breach is a typical way of the double standards of narcissists who claim that some rules apply for some but not for others! This is also very dangerous.

Then here comes the part when narcissists find themselves rationalizing and justifying the actions and behaviours they undertake even if it simply comes down to narcissism’s “I am special” component in Azzopardi’s statement:

“Kemm domt fil-ħajja pubblika jien dejjem żammejt ma’ linja qatt ma qbiżtha anke jekk ħaddiehor mhux hekk għamel miegħi u mal-għeżież tiegħi.” Is this an April fools’ joke?

And who got those who are dear to him into trouble? Him or the “ħaddieħor”? For hypocritical narcissists it is always the fault of others. They are saints. After all they visit and pray on Christ’s tomb no?

Are you now forming the puzzle of the crookedandcronycult.com dear readers? This cult should do us a favour and vanish from this country forever and retire in the no man’s land instead of joining forces to harm the Maltese community further with their hypocrital narcissism which is a very dangerous psychological weapon!

So I give you the same advice about Jason Azzopardi which I have given you about Mark Camilleri:

“All of the above dear readers and Maltese nation is a warning as to why you should stay away from him because he will make you feel crazy and unbalanced. You cannot win with him as he is deeply invested in his narcissism and hypocrisy his mind games his entitlements. And if you try to debate with him he will insist that you are misunderstanding misinterpreting or simply making a mountain out of a mole hill. Gaslighting at its best.”

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