The new waste separation in Malta – another unsustainable Ordo ab Chao goal and Aaron Farrugia is happy with the project.

A few days before last year’s budget the mouthpiece for the Maltese Economy and Employment Clyde Caruana promised you that there will be no added taxes. He forgot to add the new tax on each bottle purchased thanks to the BCRS scheme:

And now communism is also targeting your trash. Lovin Malta has reported that as confirmed by the Environment and Resources Authority (ERA):
“Waste separation will become mandatory from April and fines for non-compliance will start being issued in October.”

“ERA deputy director Claire Cordina Borg told TVM that an information campaign will be held during this six-month time lag during which enforcement officials will check bags and hand out warnings for incorrect disposal.”

Cordina Borg also added that “black bags might even be replaced with a more transparent colour so that the contents are visible.” Wasteserv CEO Richard Bilocca said “We need to wage war against the black bag.”

Because during Covid-19 communism dictated that you stay locked inside; then it dictated that you wear the mask and keep your distance while standing on a sticker; then it sent police at your home to check that you are obeying Profs Gauci’s bubble; then it sent police to patrol the streets and public places to check that you are carrying the vaccination certificate or that you are wearing a mask. Then while inflation is enjoying going round checking shelves in all stores communism taxed you for bottles.

Now communism is warning you that officials will come to check your trash and to make sure that you are complying and that the black bag will be replaced by a transparent one so that there is no room for human error. If not as from October you will be fined.

Cordina Borg said: “If you need to throw away food or organic waste you cannot just dump it into the black bag; it has to go into the white bag. If you used to put paper metal and plastic in the black bag it now has to go in the grey or green bag the recycling bag.” Wasn’t this how we were doing it? What has changed?

For all those who live in properties which lack space or a yard communism is turning you into a hoarder of bags and unsquashed plastic bottles and cans.

This all goes hand in hand with the statements of the local mouthpiece for the environment Minister Aaron Farrugia who is on record saying that Malta has to reach targets since as per reports Malta is not meeting its recycling targets. Hence Farrugia said that they have come up with a long-term waste management plan so that you can proudly be part of the ECOHIVE project in the way Malta will revolutionise waste management:

So communism is now mandating another law so to reduce municipal waste disposed of in landfills to around 10%. How hypocritical! Since time immemorial governments have been increasing landfills which we all know bring hazards such as  odor smoke noise bugs and water supply contamination. And yet you are the problem!

Now I reiterate that I am all for discipline for a clean environment for green spaces nature and for waste separation. But I have many buts. How hypocritical of the government to impose all these agendas when it has been continuously massacring and felling trees while allowing Malta to turn into a concrete jungle. But Aaron Farrugia boasts of “the increased installation of green roofs and vertical green walls.” Environment my foot!
Malta is also a champion for the wrong compliance. It complied for lockdowns masks and the vaccines. It complies for voting and prides of being part of the political puppet show. When it comes to the environment disposing of cigarette buds and waste Malta leaves little hope for room for improvement. There is this “u ija” and laissez-faire attitude which I hate and which makes me feel like I am living in the planet of the apes!
But considering how the government bows down to lobbyists and comes up with matters in this country rest assured that this waste law will just be another state-sponsored chaos. We are experiencing how full of flaws is the BCRS scheme. The same applies to public waste separation bins. So how will this new state-sponsored waste law function? There is even a law which makes the scooping of dog poop obligatory for owners. Yet very few do and this law has never been reinforced.

And yet the government continues to ask you to reduce your carbon footprint – stop wasting food [hence dispose of it in the organic bag] stop wasting plastic [so dispose of it in the grey/green bag except plastic bottles] stop wasting power and so forth. Communism wants to make you believe that you are the most dangerous animal on the planet because you create carbon so either you morbidly comply or you will be the carbon which will be eliminated.

I remember when I was a child in the eighties life was simpler and happier. We bought milk in glass bottles which we used to wash and give back to the grocer. If mum needed eggs she used to send me with a bowl to the grocer who used to put the required number of eggs in the bowl. We also used to carry our own bags. Deli meats and cold cuts used to be served in a piece of tracing paper. There were no supermarkets and yet we all shopped from small family-run shops while waiting for the greengrocer to come with his truck full of vegetables and fruit!

But the elitist puppeteers and their puppets had other plans and started the shift. First they channelled industries to start producing everything in cans cartons or plastic (problem); then they said that humanity has become the throw-away breed using a lot of plastic cans and cartons which are harming the environment (reaction) and what is the solution? You must reduce the use of these materials recycle and reduce your carbon footprint for a sustainable environment and future!

These truly un-sustainable goals are brought to you by their lies and control mechanism and they are all ways of monitoring and surveilling you while asking for your morbid compliance.

Stop complying. Being human is not a spectator sport.

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