When the people will realise that their loved ones were killed by their governments things will get ugly because they would have nothing to lose.

In Australia the government has now expanded the Covid-19 vaccination for the fifth booster shot. Here is Australia’s MSM host Karl Stefanovic questioning the Covid-19 vaccine. He says “I have seen all those reports on the internet about fit and healthy people just dropping down with heart issues.”

Since we have the mainstream media and doctors endorsing any kind of reason as to what is causing excess deaths except pointing to the Covid-19 vaccine it is apt for us to ask questions.

If during Covid-19 we were told that Covid is a disease of the elderly and that it has wiped out the vulnerable then what is the age average pertaining to all those excess deaths? Doesn’t it show that having young adults dying is a grievous matter on its own?

Here is the story of 17 year-old Rai Costillas who suffered a stroke and died. Proof that he was vaccinated with the Moderna Covid-19 vaccine and how his ailments started in the posts hereunder:

Are they including the sudden unexpected and mysterious deaths of those dropping dead like flies in those excess deaths?

Since most of those sudden deaths reported by all the mainstream media portals pertain to teenagers and young adults then we cannot deduce that these excess deaths are being caused by an elderly cohort. We are in the times where 40 is the new 80.

During Covid-19 we were bamboozled with numbers in the tell-a-lie-vision tombola programmes of how many people were allegedly dying of Covid-19 albeit they always made it a point to add that these people had underlying conditions. But now that we have all these excess deaths we are not being bamboozled daily with more tombola programmes informing us how many deaths there are daily while adding the true cause! And this should raise eyebrows.

I can assure you that if these deaths belonged to the unvaccinated they would be on the news 24×7. When the media and the authorities do not bamboozle you about something then understand that something is up and they are hiding something while distracting you from reality and the truth.
If these deaths pertained to those who lacked treatment during Covid-19 lockdowns thus delaying their treatment can the media inform us what kinds of treatments were delayed and for what kind of health conditions? Can the media inform us what is the percentage of such excess deaths?

If these deaths pertained to those who lacked treatment during Covid-19 lockdowns can the media inform us if these still took the Covid-19 vaccines and what is truly causing their deaths? At the end of the day I remind the nation that the vulnerable the elderly and those immuno-compromised were the first among those to be given the green light to take the vaccines. So if those already had a condition for which they were taking treatment then the vaccine aggravated such condition and so it is the vaccine which is killing them and not the condition!

If these deaths pertained to those who lacked treatment during Covid-19 lockdowns can the media explain what is causing those sudden deaths in healthy athletes? I remind the public that professional sportive players had to be vaccinated to be allowed to continue doing their sport. If not they would have been expelled.

In no instance is the media stating the vaccination status of those deaths.

And if we must give the benefit of the doubt can all those people and all those doctors who are endorsing the statements of the media and never blaming the Covid-19 vaccines explain the loads of sudden and unexpected deaths happening worldwide?

Clearly nothing seems to wake people and doctors up or make them connect the dots. For some it’s not that they don’t want to hear but the whole thing makes them so anxious that they shut down and ignore. Very few doctors have lifted the veil:

This is the Great Vaxxening and the kill count by the end of 2023 for vaxxed related deaths will hopefully be an unavoidable revelation even for those that still shout “conspiracy theories” and “fake news”. Close to a billion will have died worldwide in total to the ravages of the bioweapons disguised and marketed as Covid-19 vaccines.

If you can’t find a job look into the death industry with funeral homes and undertakers  hiring all over the place due to the high requests. On the website indeed.com on its own there are 3086 vacancies required:


There has never been such a high frequency of death rates which these industries are facing right now in their entire careers on the job!

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