Yuval Noah Harari, his statements and the insight we are given of the end state that the elites dream of.

In this piece I would like to take you to all the major statements that Yuval Noah Harari uttered during interviews whose footage is hereunder. Everything he says is worth listening to because of the intent behind his statements. His ideology is the end state the elites dream of.
A reminder that Harari is not only a historian philosopher and the author of the bestsellers “Sapiens: A Brief History of Mankind” “Homo Deus: A Brief History of Tomorrow” and “21 Lessons for the 21stcentury” co-founder of Sapienship a lecturer in the department of History in the Hebrew University of Jerusalem but he is also an WEF member and lead advisor to the same WEF.

A reminder that as I had explained in another piece for him people should be busy with drugs and computer games. He believes that the biggest problem is where to put all the “useless” people. In his view the notion of the masses as powerful individuals capable of revolution is an old philosophy of the 19th century. He believes that it is best to occupy us with drugs and computer games and that Japan is 20 years ahead of us in this because they live most of their lives in virtual worlds never leaving home.

A statement of his gives you a clearer picture of why we were enslaved to the money story – “Money is probably the most successful story ever told. It has no objective value but then you have these master storytellers: the big bankers the finance ministers and they come and they tell a very convincing story.”

Clip 1:“Covid is criticalbecause this is what convinces people to accept to legitimize total biometric surveillance.  If we want to stop this epidemic we need not just to monitor people. We need to monitor what’s happening under the skin.”

Clip 2:“What we have seen so far it’s corporations and governments collecting data about where we go who we meet what movies we watch. The next phase is the surveillance going under our skin.”

Clip 3:“We’re now seeing nice surveillance systems established even in democratic countrieswhich previously rejected them and we also see a change in the nature of surveillance. Previously surveillance was mainly above the skin now it’s going under the skin. Governments want to know not just where we go or who we meet. Above all they want to know what is happening under our skin. What’s our body temperature what’s our blood pressure what is our medical condition.”

Clip 4:“Now humans are developing even bigger powers than ever before. We are really acquiring divine powers of creation and destruction. We are really upgrading humans into gods. We are acquiring for instance the power to re-engineer life.”

Clip 5:“I know that in recent years we saw populist politicians undermining deliberately the trust that people have in important institutions like universities like respectable media outlets. These populist politicians told people that say scientists are this small elite disconnected from the real people.”

Clip 6:“ I mean all this story about Jesus rising from the dead and being the Son of God this is fake news.”  He had also uttered which is not in this clip “Jesus never claimed to be God he was basically this hippy guru who wanted to reform Judaism. Jesus did not think he was Yahweh. Decades after He is dead people say this rabbi who had a small following was actually God.”

Clip 7:“ Humans are now hackable animals. You know the whole idea that humans have you know this soul or spirit and they have free will and nobody knows what’s happening inside me so whatever I choose whether in the election or whether in the supermarket this is my free will THAT’S OVER.”

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