Without having a sample of the virus they took the gene sequence published by China and developed a vaccine based on computer modeling.

At the Davos meeting of 2023 of the WEF there was a representative of “Moderna”. In his speech he said:

“Right at the beginning of the pandemic we were at Wuhan. The first notification of the WHO was on December 31st 2019. Ten days later the viral genome was published. And then Stefan Ansel of Moderna talks about that – the fact that they took that data.

They never had the live virus on their site. They used the genomic data coming out of the machines to launch their vaccine development.”

They use mass deception on a global scale and they tell you in your face what they have been doing and are doing but you still refuse to admit that you have been cajoled.

For one thing I know and I keep on asking: can someone prove to me the existence of this live virus that has allegedly caused Covid-19? If we all know that the swab tests were rigged and bogus how can we rely on the conviction that this virus exists if its proof was given to us by these fake swab tests?

The theories are many – some claim that it was developed in a laboratory. They told us that it came from bats. Others claim that it was an experiment via vaccines in a cohort prior the start of the pandemic. Some question how come they had covid symptoms and their swab tests came out positive while others who had the same symptoms had their swab tests come out as negative. The confusion is understandable. This is the masonic chaos. Their way of bringing order was via vaccines which are creating more chaos.

In hospital during one of the meetings in the boardroom with the ITU team who was in charge of my dad I had specifically asked “Give me a blood test that proves that this virus exists and that my dad has Covid-19 and I won’t step foot inside here again.” There was silence as an answer. The blood test results never came and no other proof was provided. So I kept on echoing my voice inside Mater Dei as long as it was needed. And needless to say there is no proof of this virus in dad’s medical files.

So I am still asking questions and I still have not got any answer from Dr Fearne as to how come he and his government have endorsed a deadly protocol for this alleged live virus and how come this deadly protocol was being experimented on my dad when his x-rays showed from day one that he had pneumonia but instead was sent home to quarantine and take Panadols!!! And I am still waiting for an answer from Dr Fearne as to how come my dad was never treated for this pneumonia but instead was put under this deadly Covid-19 protocol which made his pneumonia worse turning into ongoing cryptogenic organising pneumonia when his swab tests were a mix of two positives only and many negatives???

Dr Fearne I am not done yet because I have faith in God that He will turn this around. Because no hungry-for power politicaster can withstand God’s wrath.

Now you have it from the horse’s mouth that there was not even a live virus in the Moderna vaccines which you were made to swallow as safe and effective against this ghost virus they made you scared of so to turn you into laboratory rats and walking experiments.

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