Your MEPs have voted to end petrol and diesel cars by 2035 but they and the media fail to tell you the real agenda behind this law.

The Malta Independent Malta Today and Times of Malta have now informed you that the European Parliament that includes even the MEPs you have voted for has now voted to approve “a ban on new sales of carbon-emitting petrol and diesel cars by 2035 clearing the final legislative hurdle.”
Now what remains is for the EU member states to nod it into law despite it was opposed heavily by the conservative MEPs. The Times reported that:
“The measure first proposed in July 2021 will mean a de facto halt to sales of petrol and diesel cars as well as light commercial vehicles and a complete shift to electric engines in the European Union.” [1]

I have written about this topic and warned about this in various blogs between 17thAugust 2022 and 15thJanuary 2023.

What the local media portals do not tell you is that the WEF has called for an end to private car ownership:

Adele Bin Ahmad al-Jabbir Saudi Arabia’s minister of state for foreign affairs and climate envoy stated this year in Davos during a discussion titled “The Evolution of Urban Life” that there will be no cars. He stated that they intend to revolutionize the way people view cities and urban planning. #NEOM is an attempt to build an environmentally friendly sustainable city with a high quality of life and little traffic. [meaning no automobiles]
The WEF claims that the era of cars as a tool for freedom and mobility will soon be over. Cars will pertain to the rich or those who can afford an EV and its expensive insurance. They will be something you borrow. In Singapore owning a vehicle is a luxury reserved for the rich. To limit the number of vehicles the government adds surcharges to the base price making the cars unaffordable for most of its population.

The automobile industry is becoming part of the digital industrial formation since it is collaborating with technology companies to computerize cars which will be integrated into the cloud and monitored and controlled by a centralized network. Of course it will be sold to you as beneficial as usual telling you that it will warn drivers about potential collisions and road conditions. Some of this technology already exists in some cars. The next step is to link the car system together with manufacturers and allow for third-party tracking.  Does this violate your fourth amendment right?
These developments are moving in lockstep with efforts to compel consumers to buy electric vehicles or EVS including this law to ban the sale of gas fuelled cars by 2035.

Your car will be controlled via connectivity and intelligent communications within and outside of your car which will give the computer access to your data and your vehicle.

One of their objectives is to force shared rides. “The ownership model of cars is evolving to renting and sharing as customer preferences shift ” according to the WEF. People will not own automobiles. They will only share them when granted permission.”

The World Economic Forum takes pride in being the world’s leading advocate for private-public cooperation and governments including ours are doing their part to advance external control of cars which means your cars.

President Joe Biden issued a new infrastructure act in 2021 that requires car manufacturers to install new features such as breathalysers speed limiters vision and voice trackers and kill switches that allow them to turn off your vehicle. Of course they tell you that this is for your benefit and that these features will reduce injuries. They do however include new surveillance technology that will monitor people’s behaviour make decisions for them and listen in on your conversations.

There are also concerns that incorporating controls that are not in the driver’s control leaves the driver vulnerable to dangerous computer hackers. This ties to what I have written back on the 24th of September 2022:

Removing private vehicles goes hand in hand with the removal of our rights another private property.

But don’t worry. You will be turned into a smart citizen living in a smart city walking on a smart pavement in a smart outfit in a shared smart home with shared smart meters but a nice smart phone in your pocket while driving a smart car.

Go and buy your EV so you can proudly feel an environmental super Mario and an obedient servant of your government. Shout “conspiracy theory” and “fake news” while you bury your head in the sand.

And while you continue to walk in fantasy corridors with an anaesthesia drip attached to your temple the compos mentis commies will drink their toast to “the best way to keep a prisoner from escaping is to make sure he never knows he’s in prison”. (Fyodor Dostoyevsky)


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