The Elite put us into a context of harm without harming themselves because science is far ahead of anything we are told about

Alan Watt: “I think we’ve got Kevin from Texas on the line. Hello Kevin?

Kevin: Yes sir.
Alan: Yes, go ahead.

Kevin: Just had a couple of quick questions. They may not be quite on the subject but I guess everybody takes it for granted. We know about the chemtrails. I mean we know that’s going on.

Alan: The ones who look up do.

Kevin: I think everybody now knows what’s going on, but it gets me a little bit thinking these people that are doing this have to know that they are doing this to themselves because they are not spending their entire lives indoors.

Alan: If you’re thinking in what we think is real time, this is the kind of logical question we ask is why would they do this to us and not harm themselves? It isn’t until you realize that science is so far ahead of anything we are told about. It literally is dished out on queue when it’s necessary. They have portable machines that can literally filter your blood and you can put it in your pocket in the high levels. They can be doing this on a daily basis. There’s many ways that they themselves will not be affected because their first concern is always to save themselves, always. They don’t get the same inoculations that you get. They don’t eat the same food that you eat. They don’t eat the modified stuff and you can bet your bottom dollar that whatever they’re spraying on the public will not affect them and there’s some way to filter this out of their system in a very easy, simple, portable way that we don’t even think of or know exists.

Kevin: I would think that they’re — okay, I could understand that. That makes a little sense now to me. I mean if they’re processing themselves like that, that would explain a lot of their low mental capacity.

Alan: They don’t need a high IQ. They need the psychopathic ability. They hire the scientists that come up from the ranks of the general public, the certain ones that are exceptionally talented in some area, maybe a mad genius even, and they hire these characters to do all their thinking for them. They hire the think tanks to do all the their thinking for them too, but you can bet your bottom dollar these guys have methods to neutralize the stuff that we’re breathing in and as I say they don’t even eat the modified food that we do.

Kevin: That kind of leads into my next question, which you may or may not want to answer. First I had one little comment to make before I ask my last question and I detect a Scottish accent, I may be wrong but I do, and that’s fine with me because I’m a Scotsman. I’m an American, Texan, but from Scotch descent. My mother’s maiden name was Rhodes. We all know about that, don’t we?

Alan: Yes we do.

Kevin: My last question was: What are you, Mr. Watt, going to do when they knock on your door?

Alan: If they knock on my door it will be my own fault for staying too long and I generally have a good intuition as to when things have gone far enough and it’s time to move and I preferably won’t be here. I think really by 2010 we’re going to see the start of more chaos as the Kyoto goes into effect and they start cutting back on your power, your gasoline. Making you pay extortionist sums for fuel, for heating oil, for all the things that you take really up to the present for granted. That’s going to be the start of the first perhaps riots because they predict we’re going to have them for the next 20, 30 years. They didn’t tell us when they’d start but you can pretty well say it’s when the Kyoto — it’s already signed into law when they start to implement all of these things and all of these high taxes that are going to be added on to all your fuel and energy consumption and people start losing even more jobs and you start seeing the credit cards being pulled in and money controlled even tighter. That’s when they’re going to start seeing riots. That’s when they’ll come out and get the people.

Kevin: I understand that, but for whatever it’s worth I mean I’m in Texas now and you’re up there in Canada and if I’m anywhere nearby let me knock on your door and I’ll be happy to come over and stand next to you.

Alan: That’s good to know that. I appreciate that.

Kevin: Take care, Mr. Watt.

Alan: Thanks for calling.”

[Alan Watt, Cutting through the Matrix, 2007]

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