, the journal of the Labour government, publishes a blog of hate speech against Terrence Portelli

Each phase in history has its truth and its lies. If we take World War I for example, we find Wilfred Owen, a soldier himself, who wrote war poetry depicting the crude and harsh reality of war. You are invited to read his poem ‘Dulce et Decorum Est’ among many. This was the truth. Then you find the mouthpieces of the propaganda, like Jessie Pope, also an English poet, writer, and journalist, who wrote patriotic, motivational poems of war fairy tales so to encourage young men to enroll in the war. You are invited to read her poem ‘Who’s who for the game?’ This was lies. Who is still famous today – Owen or Pope?

During this phase, we now have the Labour Government and its team and their journal called, which they claim is “a space where people can come together to discuss and analyse news, current affairs, and relevant issues in a genuine and meaningful way.”

Rest assured that since it is owned by the government, it is controlled narrative and controlled propaganda. You won’t have anything which is genuine and meaningful. Clearly, the narrative, seeing that it is slowly losing its plot, is joining forces, so that you don’t wake up to the truth.

In its goal “to provide a multifaceted and open-minded insight into matters that affect our lives,” it allows columnists to write hate speech articles. In a blog published on Sunday 12th June titled ‘Off the hinge,’ a certain Franke Camille writes a very long article which is just another propaganda for anything that is far off from the truth, meaningful and genuine. I won’t tackle the hotch-potch of topics he dealt with, topics which make you want to puke with the pro-EU propaganda and its “sacred values on rule of law, human rights, […] major green and climate laws,” as in Mr Camille’s words. In addition, in his list of plenty of women who “stand out and stand aside from the men in their lives and their own success” he mentions Christine Lagarde, the same Lagarde who was involved in a case of corruption and whose appointment as President of the ECB is unlawful! Camille is another man who has no clue on what defines and constitutes a successful woman and it is still disgusting to live in a society where it is always these men who come out talking gibberish about us!

What is more disgusting is the introduction of this article – which tackles Terrence Portelli and Norman Lowell, of Imperium Ewropa. A government which drags anyone who talks against the LGBTIQA+ agenda in the name of ‘hate speech’ finds no scruples to have a journal which publishes a blog full of hate speech against two members of a political party. The post reads:

“Conspiracy theories have always existed. In reality, conspiracy theories are morality tales based on archetypal narratives about right versus wrong, good versus evil.  They are imbued by ‘black and white’ world views.  Their danger lies in the fact that they foster societal divisions between in-groups and out-groups, exacerbating intolerance against ‘the other’ and delegitimising different voices as being part of the conspiracy.

Often, conspiracy propagandists form part of anti-government movements. They intentionally spread disinformation and deploy extensive misinformation about government institutions and officials.  But the target is not just government officialdom   ̶   the ideas they propagate are frequently rooted in racist, antisemitic, and sometimes nativist beliefs.

The more famous recent examples include the Holocaust, the assassination of John F. Kennedy, the Illuminati, flat-earthers, secret trips by aliens, QAnon, and more recently the Covid vaccine.  However, in the last three decades they have gained strength to become mainstream. Extremists continue peddling outrageous narratives to cast doubt on democratic processes.

Conspiracy theory is very much alive in Malta as well.  One-third of us believe that the Covid vaccine was invented by governments to control them; many others that there is a cure for cancer but pharmaceutical companies have blocked it from the market.  Now, we have a fringe MEP candidate from the far-right group Imperium Europa who has implied that Prime Minister Robert Abela and Opposition Leader Bernard Grech are the hench-men of unnamed enemies of the people who have ‘destroyed our ethnicity, dragging our race to racial extinction, and decimated our identity’. 

Terrence Portelli, who is as unhinged as his theory, says that ‘They see us as replaceable to feed their masters’ economic machines that enslaves the individual … If we are replaceable for you, so are you to us.’   He goes as far as declaring that those who disagree with his views should be massacred.  ‘We will round you up you *** traitors and we will hand you over to your enemy without the slightest doubts,” he wrote on Facebook.  The enemy, as far as Portelli is concerned, is Putin; whether Abela and Grech are more worried about being handed over to Putin, rather than being booted out by voters, is a moot point!

But, seriously, Portelli obviously suffers from paranoia. Like most conspiracy theorists. His narratives are a hotch-potch of claims which, though they might have some little truths here and there, are riddled with unfounded and unproven allegations.  They suffice, however, to advance radical agendas that exploit uncertainties, fears, socio-economic issues, and mental health disorders amongst vulnerable people.

In recent years, right-wing extremism has proven to be fertile ground for the dissemination of conspiracy theories aimed at targeting individuals or groups blamed to be responsible for the evil in society. The modern-day conspiracy propagandist is fuelled by the belief that ancient nation ideals are being eroded by liberal forces that aim to destroy the country from the inside out.

The issues faced by society today are depicted by conspiracy theorists like Norman Lowell and Terrence Portelli in apocalyptic terms that leave no room for compromise.  The two big parties and their machines are out to get us.  Not only   ̶   they intend to replace us by foreigners. 

What makes the emergent crop of extremists in Malta very dangerous is that, as it happens, a large section of the population currently seems to be in the grips of  uncertainty and angst.  The surveys are clear and explain why an unprecedented proportion of voters are saying they are uncertain whether they will vote, or even that they will abstain, in the upcoming elections.  Politicians are unwittingly reinforcing the narrative that institutions are self-serving and anti-people.  

I don’t have a ready anti-conspiracy campaign, but I sincerely believe that shielding people from the risk of being drawn into the conspiratorial labyrinth of extremist groups is crucial to protecting the democratic structure and reducing the risk of extremist action and violence.  Acting as if such threats are slim in Malta is very short-sighted.”

Mr Camille, the truth does not need narrow-minded view of narratives and propaganda to exist. But bullshit does. Camille’s blog is the perfect example of how the programming has worked in mind-control unlike in those of truthers, who lean into their fear and discomfort, question things, challenge things and don’t blindly believe and swallow what they are told. An informed individual and an individual thinker, like Terrence Portelli, will always be a threat to the system and its bots. Because those with knowledge are feared. Those without knowledge are controlled.

Being considered “unhinged,” that is crazy, and “suffering from paranoia,” as Camille called Portelli, by those who are still victims of cultural conditioning is a compliment. We are not unhinged and suffering from paranoia but we are awake in an insane society, and for this exact reason, the same insane society will transfer its insanity onto us.

Mr Camille also parroted the explanation given by Daniel the Times of Malta journalist. This site already tackled how TOM gave a half-baked story and twisted information given by Terrence Portelli. Some people have not yet understood how to read between the lines and not take everything at face value when it comes to the mainstream media.

Clearly, Mr Camille is not doing the research and connecting the dots. And all Mr Camille has to do is read a lot of books where we are told the exact plans of what those ruling and in power inform us of. All Mr Camille has to do is read a lot of books where we are told the exact phases of where we are today. They are no secrets. We are told, but in boring books that are not pushed, so that they are not read. If read, they are not only boring, but no one would take them seriously. Thus, in other pieces, this site will tackle the book that Terrence Portelli mentioned to Daniel, the Times of Malta journalist. The book is “The Circulation of Elites” by Vilfred Pareto (1916).

Whoever is not doing the research in these unprecedented times in the history of humankind, should do us a favour, keep the mouth shut, and be quiet.

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