There has been a backlash from the public when KM Malta Airlines decided to drop Maltese proficiency as a requirement for cabin crew hires.

The airline confirmed “that it would not require applicants to speak both English and Maltese, as Air Malta did. The airline is understood to have made that change to widen the pool of prospective recruits for cabin crew jobs.” Din trid tbella’ r-ross bil-labra jaqaw? Ħallina naqra!

So, it is called KM MALTA Airlines but then the Maltese language, my beloved Maltese language, is being kicked out? Who the heck does this airline and whoever is coming up with these decisions, think they are?

But, wait a minute….

Dear readers, there is nothing to see here. Read the doublespeak again: “to widen the pool of prospective recruits for cabin crew jobs”. The usual fuzzy language which is another way to tell you that it would not be recruiting Maltese in-flight staff. Ah, no, sorry. “A KM Malta Airlines spokesperson told Times of Malta that it would be ensuring at least one cabin crew member on each flight speaks Maltese.” Pulling your leg there – that is what it is doing. It is shutting your mouth up and making you content that just one mere Maltese individual will be employed. One Maltese individual or someone who happened to know how to speak Maltese? Read the doublespeak in their statement, dear readers!

But then it is a national carrier! Carrying the Maltese flag colours and cross! My foot! Dr Muscat will be happy to read this. He is on record stating that foreigners come to Malta ‘għax hawn ix-xogħol’. This airline won’t employ Maltese people. But please, dear Maltese people, don’t grumble because now you can take a trip to the desert using this airline, which is Maltese but on which you will maybe find one Maltese crew person greeting you in Maltese. And don’t you dare continue to grumble, because, according to Dr. Muscat, it is either this way or the highway of more taxes.

Then here comes the colonial and bootlicking mentality: “but the airline may on certain routes, decide to enhance its in-flight language skillset for the benefit of its many foreign customers,” a spokesperson said. Bullshit! So, if customers are of twenty different nationalities, how will the airline cater for twenty different languages? Because we use technology as it pleases us. In such cases, passengers can have a screen on which they can follow in their own language what the in-flight crew is saying in Maltese!

The Davos and UN subordinate and puppet Prime Minister Robert Abela suddenly woke up and came to the rescue, stating that ‘he wanted state agencies to treat the Maltese language with respect and safeguard it.’ Is he serious?

Tickle your belly, dear readers! Why didn’t you safeguard Air Malta, Prime Minister Abela?

Tickle your belly, dear readers! Prime Minister Robert Abela, riddle me this: Malta has been inundated with foreigners where we, as Maltese people, have become strangers in our own land and where we end up speaking English or Italian, and if not possible, we end up doing lip reading and using signs when we have to deal with all the foreigners that have overburdened this little island which should not hold more than 300k people, so that we can breathe! And now you come up with the above statement? Is this airline a state agency, yes or no? If yes, who makes the rules – the state or the agency?

[P.S. All those snobbish Maltese who look down on others and speak English because for them speaking Maltese is something shameful and makes you look cheap and ‘uneducated’ should do us a favour, pack up, and get a life.]

[P.S. All those who think that we should not be learning Maltese because it is a language which only a few thousands speak on a little island should also do us a favour, pack up, and get a life.]

KM Malta Airlines keeps on taking you for a ride:

The spokesperson said KM Malta Airlines “is totally committed to adopt the Maltese language as its first language” and would be working with the National Maltese language council [Il-Kunsill Nazzjonali Tal-Ilsien Malti] to develop a ‘clear and updated language policy’ to ensure both English and Maltese is present throughout its different media. 

Why is there a need to work with such a council when all it has to do is recruit Maltese people?

There is nothing to see here, dear readers. I reach those three conclusions:

The first: Cheap labour it is. Work for foreigners it is.

The second: There is already the list of the new recruits who are going to be employed, even though there is the usual call of applications. You know how it works, don’t you?

The third: As I pointed out in the blog “The History of the Fabian Socialist Movement (2) – the aim is to establish a One World Directorate, i.e., the United Nations as a World Government”, in his book ‘The Open Conspiracy,’ the Fabian Socialist H.G. Wells writes bluntly that the plan is to build a one world socialist super state, via a movement aiming at the establishment of a World Directorate, in other words, the United Nations as a World Government, and in order to achieve this, they will “have to destroy the belief in religion, we have to destroy patriotism, and we have to destroy the free enterprise system.” Don’t you think that this exclusion of the Maltese language is a way to destroy patriotism? Because you see, they do tell you in your face what they are doing, because they write it down. And then slowly and gradually, years later, you start seeing these changes just like this decision so that they achieve their plan.

Is KM Malta Airlines run by Fabian Socialists by any chance? Or, to put it bluntly, were Fabian Socialists put in a position to manage this airline?

Dear readers, if you happen to travel with this airline, don’t forget to ask, before you sit down, ‘Hawn xi ħadd li hu Malti u li jitkellem bil-Malti fuq l-ajruplan? [‘Is there anyone who is and speaks Maltese on board?]

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