So the Fabian Socialists started out in England and they made no bones about what they were up to. In fact, if you had to look at the front cover of the book ‘The Great Deceit,’ which goes into how the Fabian Socialists took over education, the front cover shows a copy of the mural that appears in these Fabian Socialist headquarters in England. And it has a flag at the back which says ‘FS’ for Fabian Socialism and carrying the flag is a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

Another famous member of this Fabian Socialist society was H.G. Wells, who was a famous historian, and most probably he was one of the first fiction writers. One of his books is called ‘A War of the Worlds’ which was also quite famous. But he was also a Fabian Socialist and another book of his is called ‘The Open Conspiracy,’ where he explicitly wrote about what they are doing which is: changing socialism from a revolution into a method of takeover by the use of bureaucracy.

What is the Fabian idea? If we had to breakdown this idea into steps, it will be such. First, they put their men in as the key professors at leading universities and during lectures, they will convince students that socialism is the one and only true answer to all of men’s problems. And after these students graduate, some of them will work in businesses, others will become clergy, others will become teachers and college professors, others will become politicians, others will be in governments, and they will take their socialist beliefs with them. So, they saw that they if they take over education with their philosophy, they will manage to take over the country over a period of generations.

As their symbol, they chose the turtle, because a turtle is always moving slowly onward. It did not matter for them if they took fifty or hundred years for their plan to become real, that is, to make the world socialist. But they knew that if they would control education, they would eventually control the mass media, the clergy and the government. This is what has happened and this is what we are witnessing today.

H.G. Wells set it out in his book ‘The Open Conspiracy.’ So, you can say that they are not even denying it. In this book, there is an admitted conspiracy to build a one world socialist super state. Wells also talks about the use of religion to build this super state. Since the modernization of the religion impulse, Wells just leads us straight to the effort for the establishment of the world state as a duty and a close consideration of the necessary organization of the effort will bring you, as readers, to the conclusion, that a movement aiming at the establishment of a World Directorate, in other words, the United Nations as a World Government.

So, there wasn’t any mystery about their plan, because they have put it in writing because they felt that few people would take them seriously and act.

Wells goes on to say, ‘What we must do if we are to build this World Socialist Directorate, this world state, is we have to destroy the belief in religion, we have to destroy patriotism, and we have to destroy the free enterprise system.’

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