The Labour government is moving Malta to a total digital surveillance in a new global system of totalitarian control

During a news conference by the Parliamentary Secretary for Local Government Alison Zerafa Civelli together with the President of the Port Regional Council Paul Farrugia, we were given the news that Malta is slowly being turned into a communist country of total digital surveillance.

The all-seeing Big Brother thing.

This is because now we get to know that about 50 public areas in the locations of the Port Region were installed with security camera systems. Were they provided by a Chinese-state affiliated company, by any chance, like those of Britain?

Security? I love the usual jargon in their psycholinguistics game to make everything look positive for the gullible masses to swallow.

The all-seeing Big Brother thing.

What is the reason they bring to you this time? They said that these camera systems will “assist the local councils within the region to maintain cleanliness of these 11 localities” since these locations of the Port Region “were prone to illegal dumping of waste”. Instead of educating the public not to dirty and litter their country which should come naturally to them out of love and respect, the new global system of the New World Order in which we will be mandated to live under the all-seeing eyes of fascism and communism, uses the littering excuse to install cameras so to monitor you. You will live under digital surveillance under the totalitarian control of the marriage of fascism and communism, whether you like it or not. This is where the whole world is moving to and heading to. How did it all start? You masked for it, back in 2020.

But wait a minute. They do tell you some truth, when they have a slip of the tongue:

“Is-sistemi tas-sigurtà huma kollha konnessi mas-sistemi ta’ monitoraġġ tal-Aġenzija LESA sabiex ikomplu jsaħħu l-monitoraġġ u l-infurzar fuq rimi ta’ skart illegali.”

Let’s filter, shall we? This statement would translate to:

“The security systems are all connected to the monitoring systems of the LESA Agency in order to further strengthen the monitoring and enforcement on illegal waste disposal.”

I love the doublespeak in “strengthen the monitoring and enforcement”. It is actually a total digital surveillance by the installment of controlling methods.

I love the slip of the tongue in ‘the security systems are all connected to the monitoring systems of the LESA Agency.’ This means, that the agency will be surveilling you from its control room, so to speak. And they already have your details in the database – a digital platform, with all your details. You know, the digital public infrastructure that Bill Gates spoke about, you see.

I already know of cases where people were sent a hefty fine without having been stopped by a warden. They received everything by post with photos taken by the cameras, the time of the contravention, and so forth.

The all-seeing Big Brother thing.

What other reasons do they give you? Zerafa Civelli said that more enforcement was important and this enforcement is essential for the protection of the environment in which we live, public health and the quality of life of the entire community. The psycholinguistics game is doing the usual experiments with you. They are selling you the usual lie ‘for the environment and for your health.’

But please note that, according to Zerafa Civelli and even Paul Farrugia, the President of the Regional Council of the Port, it will improve your quality of life. What quality? As we are, packed like sardines? What quality? Under a totalitarian control?

The President of the Regional Council of the Port Paul Farrugia said that they will continue the work to assist the local councils within the Region to address challenges that could be a deterrent to the quality of life of the resident. I love the doublespeak again – ‘address challenges that could be a deterrent’ which means, that they would tighten the grip and come up with more controlling methods for you.

Clearly, councils and organizations and the appointed heads come together to tighten the grip of the agendas on the people.

What better way for the government to start installing controlling methods for the sake of the environment, as part of the Green Agenda, in a new global system of earth worship where nature will become a religion?

They will make us live in a fish bowl where nothing can be kept hidden.

Dear Maltese nation, you are being moved to total digital surveillance in a new global system which will see the marriage of communism and fascism.

This is the all-seeing “Big Brother” surveillance type convenience which will gradually bring about your loss of privacy and freedom.

Out of love and respect towards you, I warned about all this in various pieces:

Hence why there should be resistance, before it is game over like it is in China.

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