Britain has been turned into a Big Brother “Smart City” nation with 2 million CCTVs cameras installed. It is not long before other countries follow.

I have already touched on the subject of facial recognition CCTVs cameras which will start appearing in the streets of nations under the guise of “for your security” [state-controlled monitoring] in various pieces of mine here warning the people of what’s ahead. And now Britian has begun to install Chinese facial recognition CCTVs in its streets. The Daily Mail has just reported that although “it looks like a street lamp in a leafy London Road” it is “actually a Chinese-made facial recognition camera – one of millions of sinister-looking CCTV cameras quietly installed across Britain in recent months.”[1]There have been two million installations so far.

The news portal also states what I have been repeating all along: that the cameras are “made by a Chinese-state affiliated company” which is that of Dahua and that “they are equipped with facial recognition and are used in totalitarian regimes.” The portal adds and I keep on quoting:

“Just outside a house on the corner which happens to be the former home of World War I-era prime minister David Lloyd George is a new piece of infrastructure that would seem more suited to the perimeter of a maximum security prison or a detention camp. It is a disturbingly anthropomorphic CCTV camera with two lenses that resemble eyes and two other indeterminate features that serve as the nose and mouth;and it hangs from a pole ringed with spikes to protect its hardware from would-be thieves or vandals.”

They are there according to a sign beneath them to “prevent crime and promote public safety.” This will undoubtedly reassure those who live on the street and who have recently experienced a rash of burglaries.
Governments are continuing to carry out orders from the Globalists “in order to promote public safety” and “reassurance”.

What governments do not tell you is that these cameras are (or will be) outfitted with contentious facial recognition software – a method of monitoring and controlling populations that Beijing and other totalitarian regimes around the world favour.
There are additional reasons to be concerned: Dahua has a history of severe cybersecurity flaws that have resulted in mass camera hacks and the company itself admitted last year that there is a ‘very high potential‘ for more such incidents.

The company has also been linked to Chinese government human rights violations with the facial recognition capabilities of its cameras used to identify in crowds anyone with the distinctive features of an Uyghur Muslim — a persecuted ethnic minority in China — and alert police so the individuals can be apprehended.

This is a feature that Dahua refers to as ‘Real Time Uyghur Warnings.’ It was only in the last week of August that the scope of China’s human rights violations against Uyghur Muslims in Xinjiang Province was revealed in a UN report which found “credible evidence” of torture potentially amounting to “crimes against humanity.”

However as facial recognition becomes more common — the Metropolitan Police is already testing it on central London streets — this could all change in an instant.

In fact these devices are just the latest additions to a growing system of increasingly intrusive snooping on the UK population that is emulating and being facilitated by China’s Big Brother approach.

While not all these cameras have facial recognition capabilities many civil liberties activists believe it is only a matter of time before they do. In a March article by The Independent[2] we read that police guidance had said that innocent people victims potential witnesses people with mental health problems or possible friends of any of those people can be put on live facial recognition watch lists.

After the College of Policing published a guide for officers in England and Wales to make sure that their use of such cameras is “legal and ethical”. Campaigners branded guidance being sent to forces about how to use live facial recognition technology an “atrocious policy and a hammer blow to privacy and liberty in our country.”

Silkie Carlo director of Big Brother Watch told the PA news agency: “We warned about mission creep with this Orwellian surveillance technology and now we see that this new policy specifically allows innocent people to be put on facial recognition watchlists.

Parliamenthas never debated facial recognition or passed a law allowing it to be used. The public wants police to catch criminals but no one wants dangerously inaccurate tech turning our streets into police line-ups.

Parliament should ban live facial recognition until it has properly considered the extraordinary risks it poses to rights and freedoms in Britain.”
So Britain is now following China in turning its nation into a Big Brother nation. It is not long before other countries follow suit.

[2]Police guidance on facial recognition technology ‘a hammer blow to privacy’ | The Independent

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