According to reports to the British MHRA Yellow Card the induced covid-19 vaccine stroke is causing people to go blind. What is the scenario in Malta?

Hundreds of thousands of adverse reactions have been reported to the British MHRA Yellow Card[1]scheme since the first Covid-19 vaccine was approved for use and administered. However there is one adverse reaction that is both concerning and unusual and the number of people suffering from it is growing by the week – blindness.

According to the MHRA Yellow Card scheme analysis print for the Pfizer / BioNTech mRNA jab 163 people have reported total blindness as a result of the injection since the first jab was administered on December 9 2020 and up to April 6 2022. Six more people have reported central vision loss and four more have reported sudden visual loss.

Twenty-one people have also reported ‘transient blindness’ as a result of the Pfizer vaccine. This is a condition in which a person experiences visual disturbance or loss of sight in one eye for seconds or minutes at a time. A further twenty people have reported a side effect known as “unilateral blindness.” This is a condition in which a person is blind or has extremely poor vision in one eye.

As of April 6 2022 there had been 8 016 reports of eye disorders as a result of the Pfizer jab.

Hundreds of people have gone blind as a result of the AstraZeneca viral vector injection. The MHRA had received 324 reports of blindness 3 reports of central vision loss 5 reports of sudden visual loss and 29 reports of transient blindness as of April 6th out of 14 895 reports of adverse reactions to the jab.

The Moderna mRNA injection  although having had the fewest injections in the UK has also caused blindness in several people. [maybe because it was administered later than the other two and maybe because it had fewer injections.]. Nonetheless the MHRA had received 34 reports of blindness 56 reports of visual impairment and 6 reports of adverse reactions to the Moderna injection as of April 22nd. Blindness was one of 1 519 eye disorders reported as an adverse reaction to the Moderna vaccine.

In total 24 516 eye disorders have been reported as adverse reactions to Covid-19 injections with 525 of these reactions resulting in complete blindness when the brand of the vaccine was not specified.

Authorities and “fact-checkers” have been working together to sweep this data under the rug and label it untrustworthy. Their reasoning is that “just because someone reports an event after receiving the vaccine does not necessarily mean it was caused by the vaccine.”

What they don’t tell you is that it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s not because of the vaccine and we imagine every single person who has reported an adverse reaction would disagree with fact-checkers and authorities’ attempts to downplay these reports.

I am sure that for the vaccinated who are experiencing vision loss because of the vaccine the misery and reality of it all is otherwise than what the authorities and fact-checkers try to dumb down!

But why are the Covid vaccines causing blindness? This is related to stroke which is another extremely concerning adverse reaction that has been reported to the MHRA Yellow Card scheme one that has occurred a staggering number of times.

As of February 6th the MHRA had received 786 reports of strokes caused by the Pfizer mRNA injection which had resulted in 65 deaths. The AstraZeneca vaccine has caused 2.355 strokes as adverse reactions to the jab resulted in 170 deaths up to 6th April 22.  This is only according to reports received by MHRA without forgetting all those which have not been reported.

But what does vaccine-induced stroke then have to do with people going blind? According to the fact sheet[2]by the Australian Stroke Foundation around one-third of stroke survivors suffer visual loss and most sadly never recover their vision.

Now this is only a partial picture of the bigger picture of what is happening in the UK. And around the world? And what about Malta? Are statistics being kept hidden from us?

[1]Coronavirus vaccine – summary of Yellow Card reporting – GOV.UK (

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