Countries are deploying the police and the military out of fear of civil unrest due to the high cost of living.

In a blog dated 10thJanuary 2022 I had written about the mass protests that the world was witnessing against the loss of freedom and vaccine coercion for which the media’s silence was deafening. I had stated:

“My main concern is that the Cabal who have studied people for years have first created a crisis that made us stay at home. Now they have created situations [like the Covid measures and the spike in fuel prices] for outdoor riots. And when people protest they are doing exactly what they have predicted so they can say “We must change the laws and take away the remaining freedoms because you are out of control”.
So will martial law which usually accompanies curfews the suspension of civil law civil rights and habeas corpus be imposed? Will it be imposed during these times of civil upheaval?

Doesn’t this mean that the people will be blamed while the governments will be regarded as acting under the guise of peace in order to bring order out of chaos?”[1] This is now coming true because not only do we now have mass protests again because of the cost of living crisis:

but with the current supply situation resulting in blackouts and freezing homes in winter there is the possibility that all this might cause civil unrest and political turmoil.

And what is the solution being offered by the German and British governments? Their solution is to put the police and the military roaming the streets.The UK police are preparing for a “breakdown in public order” caused by the cost of living crisis since “crime and civil unrest will soar if public isn’t given a large enough government handout”[2]considering that by April 2023 energy costs are projected to rise to about £6 522 in the UK putting a third of the nation at risk of poverty.

The National Police Chiefs’ Council report cautions that “a more complex and unpredictable risk is the chance of greater civil unrest as a response to prolonged and painful economic pressure” while a leaked national strategy paper obtained by the Times[3]reveals that police chiefs fear “economic turmoil and financial instability” has the“potential to drive increases in particular crime types”.

Energy executives in the UK warned the government that if people can’t pay their heating and power bills this winter there will likely be widespread social upheaval in the nation.[4]According to a top industry official when individuals realize how awful this is going to get they might express their rage through violent protests mirroring the febrile conditions that led to the London riots in 2011.

There are also fears that with over a million people vowing to stop paying their energy bills large numbers would drive away from petrol stations without paying. The problem-reaction-solution modus operandi here is that this problem was created by inflation and a rise in energy bills. The reaction is heightened crime mass protests and possible civil unrest. The solution is police patrolling the streets. And who is to blame? The people! And who is being controlled? The people.

The German government is not only deploying the police but it will also have the military (the Bundeswehr) assisting them and this will be “starting Oct. 1 possibly resulting in platoons patrolling the streets and coinciding with the return of mask mandates”.[5]

The Bundeswehr had already conducted a dress rehearsal when fully armed squads wandered the streets of Donaueschingen. The reason given was that “it was preparing for an impending mission in Mali and they wanted to practice lifelike and realistic situations with urban warfare and practice possible violent encounters.”

Or were they already subtly conditioning civilians to accept troops patrolling the streets and being checked for their credentials?
What the military’s duties will be as of October 1stcan only be guessed. However the timing just so happens to correspond with the extension of the mask regulations in public areas and the potential to extend the order outside if necessary applicable only to the non-vaccinated.

Is the Bundeswehr preparing for civil unrest too? It is important to note that a top German official the interior minister of the German state of North Rhine-Westphalia Herbert Reul “has trashed people who may be planning to protest against energy blackouts as “enemies of the state” and “extremists” who want to overthrow the government.” [6]

He said that anti-mandatory vaxxers and anti-lockdown demonstrators have now found the new energy crisis as a new cause to protest. He revealed that “German security services were keeping an eye on “extremists” who plan to infiltrate the protests and stage violence.”

And doesn’t all this prove that martial law is slowly making its way in such countries?

“We are fast approaching the stage of the ultimate inversion: the stage where the government is free to do anything it pleases while the citizens may act only by permission; which is the stage of the darkest periods of human history; the stage of rule by brute force.” (Ayn Rand)


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