It seems like the most powerful governments on earth could not keep a virus from spreading on Earth but they say that they can change the Earth’s temperature and find a solution for the current planned energy crises if you pay more taxes.

After a pricing restriction was relaxed home bills are expected to increase in the UK in October. Millions of people may have to reduce their consumption because of the skyrocketing prices. Since the increase is causing inflation and endangering the financial stability of businesses and households across the continent an urgent conference of energy ministers was called by the European Union to examine bloc-wide remedies. This meeting covered topics like natural gas price ceilings and the prohibition of trading in power futures.

Times of Malta stated that “Energy ministers from EU member states will hold urgent talks in Brussels on September 9.”[1]

What a joke! So the European Union has decided to come up with sanctions against Russia since it “is planning to cut EU dependency on Russian gas by two-thirds this year and end its reliance on Russian supplies of fuel before 2030” targeting the Russian energy sector in its sanction and banning coal imports from Russia and then the same EU that is its president Ursula von der Leyen is analysing the limitations of our current electricity market design and are currently working “on an emergency intervention and a structural reform of the electricity market”.

It is funny that there was never an issue with the electricity market design before the same EU decided to start imposing sanctions with the excuse of “hurting Russia”. I remind the EU that it’s the same EU together with western nations which are sabotaging our electoral grids and blaming it on Russia. So the same EU and member states have created the problem and now they are coming up with a solution. And what is their plan now?
According to Petr Fiala the prime minister of the Czech Republic which holds the rotating presidency of the EU prices have reached an unaffordable level as a result of “market failure ” but a pan-European solution should not include a price ceiling.

According to another article by Times of Malta[2] the plan is this:
“The government of the Czech Republic which holds the EU’s rotating presidency wants to see a cap placed on wholesale gas prices while Belgium wants to limit electricity bills. Either direction is possible the diplomat told AFP. “Either we lower the price of gas or we do a transitional decoupling” he said. “The choice is probably a cap on the wholesale price of electricity… but the idea of a cap on the price of gas which would also lower the price of electricity has not been abandoned.””

But ahead of this meeting Russia’s Deputy Prime Minister has announced that Moscow will not supply oil to those who introduce a price cap on Russian oil. One must also never forget the pressure they will make on renewables sustainability and on anything that carries their buzz words.
So now governments want to make us believe that they are doing their best and are hence rushing to reduce financial constraints on individuals and businesses as a result of rising energy prices when they have already started imposing a lot of restrictions and sacrifices on the people.

However what they are not telling you is that the “EU will propose a “mandatory target for reducing electricity use at peak hours” in order to “flatten the curve.”” In winter typically peak hours are between 6 and 9 am and again between 5 and 9 pm — before and after work. The same rhetoric of flattening curves was used for Covid.

The local media also failed to report that Germany and France are in favour of imposing windfall energy earnings taxes another EU order with the excuse of easing prices.[3]

And this German government is the same government which has just told the nation that it has to get used to having cold showers this winter:

It seems like the most powerful governments on earth could not keep a virus from spreading on Earth but they say that they can change the Earth’s temperature and find a solution for the current-planned energy crises if citizens pay more taxes….
They are part of this mess and then they want to make us believe that they can clean up this same mess. They have collectively coordinated to wage war on us to destroy and enslave us in this so-called politics which has become a necessary evil that on rare occasions works without corruption abuse and waste. And we have partially brought ourselves to this because of the morbidly obedient mob which idolises politicians an idolization which is equivalent to them believing that a stripper likes them.

Is it all coming clear now that we are worked by the economic and political powers for their benefit and all to our detriment? The EU the WHO the WEF and the governments are turning out to be wolves in sheep’s clothing. Politicians are not trying to solve the world’s current problems. They just pretend to do so because they “do not govern but merely control the machinery of government being themselves controlled by the hidden hand– (Benjamin Disraeli)” of the EU the WHO and the WEF which are ALL then controlled by the Globalists.


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