“Hi folks. Alan Watt back with the last few minutes of Cutting Through the Matrix. Just to round off tonight, it was reported in the weekend’s paper that Toronto is putting in over 12,000 cameras in the TTC (that’s the subway and the bus depots and so on across the city) and this will be interfaced with the ones on the streets and the police et cetera. Huge interfacing of all camera networks so you’ll be same as London. It will be much, much safer that way and no doubt they’ll put the same mikes in that they put in London with boom mikes. They can hear you talking 200 yards away in a doorway to your friends. They have huge buildings set up in London. It will be the same in Toronto. There’s no point having cameras if you don’t have huge rooms with hundreds of sets watching every different area and all these people employed to observe you and take the data and record what you’re saying. That’s going up right now.

This was decided by the way about six years ago when the same company that sold them all over Britain, again with the good fascist connections, came over to Montreal to give a discussion there to the police for Canada, and the U.S. police all sent delegations up too, and they put in all of their orders. For again, this Brave New World, this fish bowl that we’re all going to live in where nothing can be kept hidden, since they’ve got all your information on the internet and also you can’t do anything because you’ll be watched everywhere you go. That’s what they call peace and security. No privacy whatsoever. The very thing that people fought wars for in the past was to have privacy, because the ordinary people in most countries in Europe had none. Your house could be invaded or inspected at any time at all and you felt ashamed when these people would come through your home and go through everything because you were just a renter. People literally had wars over these particular invasions of privacy. Now they want to watch everything you do, because in a totalitarian system you must be predictable and they must have all data on you at all times and know exactly what you’re up to. That’s the Brave New World that we’re going into, while the people munch on their chips, watch their TV and laugh their heads off or watch sports as their team beats the world and they feel great, because most men today you see have no power in their life anywhere, whether at work or at home, and here they are pretending they belong to a team that represents them. The old tribal instinct idea and he also has road rage because it’s the only place he feels he has some power is on that road when he overtakes everyone at dangerous corners. That’s how bad society is today. We’re going into the fascist system. We’re in it actually. We’ve been in it for quite some time. It’s just coming out in the open as it really is.

Now for those who sent donations, I thank you very much. I often try to get back to people. I’m overwhelmed with work. Bear with me and please keep it coming because I need this to keep going.”

[Alan Watt on his radio programme Cutting Through the Matrix, October 2007]

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