“Hi folks. Alan Watt back with Cutting Through the Matrix, and reading a bit from the Vancouver paper to do with the Vancouver police in Canada, British Columbia buying these armored vehicles. Nothing much happens in these places, but here they are wanting all the toys. These characters read all the military magazines you know and they like to play cowboys and probably did all their lives and played video games. Now they’ve got to a chance to get all these goodies, these big toys and they want to be Rambo, so they’re buying these incredible expensive armored vehicles. It said here. This is the guy who’s talking. He says: ‘I don’t think it does a whole lot in terms of fostering good police relations when the public starts to see the police, in essence, [as] an armoured force. Len Light…’ That’s like the lion of the light, a light lion, he’s a bright guy. ‘…president of Massachusetts-based Lenco Armoured Vehicles, said he developed the BearCat in 2000…’

I love how they do this. It’s like inventing the atom bomb as a defensive measure. ‘a defensive piece of equipment after watching newscasts of police struggling to protect themselves and victims in a high school shooting.’ It doesn’t say which one though. ‘There were not a lot of vehicles that could defeat high-powered weapons,’ said Light. More than 400 BearCat LE vehicles — a version designed for law enforcement agencies, not the military — are in use across the U.S., he said. New York’s police department has four of them, while the Virginia State Police have seven. ‘Police cars obviously are not bulletproof so police have been left out there,’ Light said. ‘Their technology hasn’t kept up to the current crime situation.‘ Current crime situation, like it’s going sky high, eh? Who’s kidding who? ‘Light said the BearCat is like a ‘bunker on wheels.‘ Why don’t we use their terminology when they say someone’s living in a compound. Call it a mobile compound, so it’s a “bunker on wheels” or a mobile compound. ‘Options include a night-vision camera, under-body blast shielding to help protect against land mines and bombs, as well as radiation detection devices.‘ I mean this is incredible what they’re after here. These are boys going crazy with these order magazines that they’re reading. ‘Police officers and the people they work to protect will be safer once the new armoured trucks arrive, Webster said. ‘I would hope that we have this truck [the BearCat] and never, ever had to use it,’ Webster said. ‘I don’t foresee that.

Well sure, sure. ‘Webster said once the Vancouver police have one BearCat, they will start raising funds for a second.‘ Why not half a dozen or a dozen. Why not one for every cop? ‘One is good,’ he said, but added that most police departments use these type of vehicles in tandem: ‘Two is much, much better.’

As the Jesuits always used to say, and the Knights Templars too, they always went in twos. So there you go. The police are buying all this military equipment — and don’t kid yourself, it’s not just the whim of a police officer. All police chiefs across the country and in the States belong to the United Nations Association of Police Chiefs and they have their own station that’s put out from the UN on satellite for them and they get their own magazines telling them basically what’s politically correct and what helps their career. In other words, what to do to get up the ladder, the Jacob’s ladder. They know what they must do and they’re buying all this stuff because they’re basically told to. This falls right in line with the Department of Defence’s expose a couple of months ago that I read on air from ‘The Guardian’ newspaper. The declassified stuff that came out of the Department of Defence for Britain, which is also the head for NATO, remember, all NATO countries including the U.S. and Canada, where they said they foresee nothing but riots and strife for the next 30 years, without telling us why on earth Joe Six Pack would be turning off his television and rioting.

Nasty things are designed to come down the pike and we’re seeing these police forces which have been using drugs to increase, swell their ranks. That’s how they’ve been recruiting like crazy for 25 or 30 years all in advance of what’s to come. That’s why they were doing it 30 years ago. That’s how far ahead they plan the future. They plan 50 and 100 years, 200 years down the road and they foresaw what’s to come within the next 10, 15 years or so, riots et cetera, as we start to go down to the third world type status. This world is to be run by experts, where you don’t pick and choose what you want to do or who you want to mate with or anything else. You’re told what to do. In fact they said themselves, you will not be born unless there’s a job for you to fill to serve the World State; and this is all about service.

You’ll find through all The Royal Institute for International Affairs propaganda the term ‘service.’ It’s all through Cecil Rhodes as well. Service, service, service and that’s to be the function of the new society in the near future; shape of things to come. Lord Bertrand Russell wrote two books in the early ’20’s or even before the ’20’s and one was entitled ‘Roads to Freedom.’ It’s worth reading because you’ve got to understand their doublespeak and their definition of freedom and who they’re actually talking about being free. You’ve also got to read his other book, which was ‘Education and the Good Life,’ and how they could scientifically indoctrinate generations of children to be good little citizens who wouldn’t think too much. In fact they’d be incapable of thinking too much and they would never cause much problems to their ‘betters,’ you know that elite aristocratic group that runs the world.

Well worth reading and Bertrand Russell was given royal charters by the British Crown to carry out his agenda and his experiments. He was doing things with youngsters then that anyone else would be put in prison for, just like Skinner the behaviorist in psychology who even put his own daughter in what they called ‘the cage’ for experimental purposes. These are the heroes of this elite who helped plan this coming society that’s not far off. In fact, we’re underway and going into it. Now, shortly you’ll see these armored vehicles going around to little spud and farm towns burning up their diesel, which you pay for of course, and tossing their Tim Horton’s mugs out the window once they’re empty. That’s what’s coming along the pike. The militarization of the police is standard in fascism. Read up the history of communism and fascism, it goes far back as Plato because Plato went through all these systems. Yes, all that time ago, 2,300 years ago. What they always do is give a period of what appears to be socialism or communism and then, because of the strife that it creates, in comes the other group to oppose it, the fascist group, they take over and then you have dictatorship. They call it democracy during this fascist phase, but it actually leads to dictatorship always, and that was noted all that time ago and nothing changes.”

[Alan Watt, Radio Programme Cutting Through the Matrix, 2007]


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