“I’m Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix. It’s October 24th, 2007 and it’s been quite the busy week for me. It’s also been a very rainy week up here in Canada. It’s about the second or third week of rain and I’ll think we’re all shrinking up here and getting smaller by the day. For the newcomers, please look into cuttingthroughthematrix.com where you can download lots of histories of how we got to where we are today, where we’re going and the big foundations and organizations behind it all. It’s a planned society. You can also look into alanwattsentientsentinel.eu for transcripts you can download in the tongues of Europe.

As I say, it’s always busy up here. There’s always something going on. Last Sunday I was standing in the laundry mat watching the dryer going round, watching my own version of “As the World Turns” at 25 cents for five minutes view and thinking about the control freaks that run our society and how cleverly, scientifically in fact we’ve all been conditioned from birth, as our parents were too, to think they were just progressing steadily along some strange course that only God himself would know. Nothing is further from the truth because when you hit the big thick old books, the old books that use to gather dust on library shelves and were always ignored by the general public, you find the meetings and the minutes of the meetings of international foundations discussing the kind of society and the kind of world they hope to bring in to be, and it’s all pretty well here.

What’s happening today with the world as the U.S. takes the lead, as it was designed in fact do to, it takes the lead as the policemen of the world forcing the last few countries into the same system. All of this was written about a long time ago and you can find some of it as far back as the 1700’s. In fact, read the Founding Fathers’ comments on the Federation of the World and the hope that the United States Federation could be the nucleus of it. Franklin himself said he saw a world of federation eventually that would be run by 12 wise men because he was a Mason and a Cabbalist.

They’ve gone on since then because they’ve acquired the big foundations came into being through all means that they possibly could. You can go as far back as the Knights Templars for instance, the first international banking establishment really that the world has seen but used paper notes in lieu of actual (at that time) gold and silver. You could get a cheque from them and travel to the Middle East and cash it in, in one of their temples over there. Tremendous bankers and they even used giant chessboard for their debts and their credits. That’s how they worked it out. That’s where the word “cheque”, the cheque that you cash comes from.”

[Alan Watt, on his radio programme Cutting Through the Matrix, 24th October, 2007]


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