As we go about undoing what we were taught and fed by adults, schools, colleges, universities, movies, the media, politicians, the pharmaceutical and medical industries, and anything else under this matrix radar, we make these random reflections.

We start by questioning the science. The real scientific method encapsulates asking a question, doing background research, and then constructing hypotheses. In the hypothetical construction, the experimental data becomes background research for the new or future project. Then you ask new questions, form new hypotheses, and then you experiment again. The next step is testing with an experiment where you carefully check all the steps and set-up. You then ask if the procedure is working. If it is, you analyze the data and draw conclusions while checking whether they align partially or wholly with the hypothesis. The final step is communicating the results. But then you get the Science Worshipper’s Method. This encapsulates prohibiting asking questions, constructing a model based on preconceived ideas, finding data which agrees with that model, discarding the data that does not align with the model, and finally shouting, ‘Trust the Experts.’

Individuals who comprehend that illnesses stem from a lack of nutrients and/or an excess of toxins, rather than viruses and germs, seldom become ill. On the other hand, those who ignore diet and toxins in favour of viruses and bacteria as the source of disease are constantly ill.

How might a small number of individuals persuade millions of people to take actions that would put them in grave danger? Silent weapons are used in quiet warfare. They preyed on people’s fears, unresolved trauma, and learned behaviors over many years by using the subconscious mind’s power. And while they wore masks out of fear of a boogey virus, they reminded us of the danger of tyranny.

Standing in line a third time for something that did not work the first or second time, is like having my dog test positive for rabies after being vaccinated against rabies.

According to an Australian study, gas and oil can emerge in the earth’s heated biosphere in as little as four years. The report was hidden since it was published before the global warming hoax gained traction. Since they do not originate from fossil sediments, oil and gas are unlikely to run out.

Education – what we have is standardised education where one size fits all. It has been turned into the dumbing down of thousands of generations. Instead, we should be teaching children how to question what they read, hear, and everything else. As George Carlin stated, “The value of an education is not the learning of many facts but the training of the mind to think,” because ‘limited education must ultimately be limited to men who insist on knowing. The rest is mere sheep. Herding” [Ezra Loomis Pound].

Regardless of your decision to follow God or not, to believe in God or not, be aware that the agendas they are pursuing are real and all are based on Satan’s teachings, who walks in a world where humanity is in God’s absence.

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