Who are the Fabian Socialists, their Fabian Socialism and Fabian Society?

Who are America’s enemies? If we have to categorize them, you will have three definite groups. These are Overt Revolutionaries, Fabian Socialists, and the Insiders.

The easiest to identify are the overt revolutionaries. Typically, they yell, “Destroy the Government,” “Destroy the Country,” or something like that. These individuals identify as communists and claim to be the easiest to identify of the three factions. They also claim to pose the least threat to the nation. Their odds of really toppling the nation, the Zilch, have drawn a lot of attention. Regarding the insiders, it is undeniable that a small number of people at the top echelons of the American government and economy manipulate both the former and the latter. However, no insider has ever made a confession. There isn’t any proof that an insider may be brought before a court and found guilty. Although we lack evidence, insiders are conspirators. However, there is another set of conspirators—the Fabian Socialists—for whom we have evidence that would genuinely hold up in court if being a revolutionary were a felony in and of itself.

One school of thought is the Fabian Socialists. In the United States, the Fabian Socialists are virtually in complete control of the government bureaucracy, the mass media, education, and the clergy. They even occasionally break into tape recorders. Nowadays, the majority of Fabian socialists are unaware of the word. There are very few written books about Fabian Socialism (maybe two or three come to mind). Not a single political science textbook will mention Fabian Socialism. Nevertheless, over the past fifty years or more, the Fabian Socialist school of thought has dominated American thought. The majority of Fabian Socialists identify as liberals. The Socialists literally appropriated a positive word, LIBERAL, after realizing long ago that the terms Marxist and Socialist had negative connotations.

Liberals were proponents of maximal individual freedom and small government. This is precisely the antithesis of socialism. The socialists realized that, just after the year 2000, they were not making any progress as socialists, so they rebranded themselves as true liberals, promising to construct a large government and to make it serve the interests of the individual. Put differently, this was a complete fabrication of the actual circumstances.

So, if you thought that you were a liberal, you were in reality, without knowing, a Marxist.

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